A Spiritual Reminder To Carry Each Zodiac Sign Into 2020

A Spiritual Reminder To Carry Each Zodiac Sign Into 2020

Aries: Be slow to anger

You’re such a passionate individual, and that fire can lead you to do extraordinary things. Yet you tend to let your anger rule you, and react instantly to the things that upset you. Remember that being slow to anger and ruling over your tongue will calm your spirit and allow everyone around you to trust and respect you so much more than they already do. God doesn’t need you to dull your passion, but He does ask you to use it wisely.

Taurus: Your worth doesn’t always come from what you possess

It can be easy to become caught up in the idea that the fancier and more expensive items you fill your life with, the more you can prove yourself to the world that you’re worth admiring. But God is calling you to remember where your worth truly stems from- His love and creation of you exactly as you are. Remember that when you die, these things don’t come with you and that people will remember you much more for your kindness and compassion than they will for your purchases.

Gemini: Patience is a virtue you shouldn’t always ignore

You want to take the world by force, and your curiosity and spontaneity are the reasons people love you so much. You want to have your hands on everything, and waiting seems like such a waste of time. Yet going into this new year, it’s essential to realize that some things are worth waiting for. Patience isn’t something you should view as a wall keeping you from the rest of the world, but as a set of arms asking you to stick around and see what could be when you plant your roots.

Cancer: The love you give to others, give to God as well

Your heart is so full of love that it spills over onto anyone who knows you. You have such compassion and understanding, and no one can ever leave without feeling affirmed. Yet going into the new year, remember to take that love and compassion you give so freely to others and give it back to God, too. He seeks that relationship with you, and while it’s so easy to feel distant whenever He doesn’t manifest before you in flesh and blood (not in the way everyone else does), He still wants that love you give so generously. He created you with that heart and wants to experience it, too.

Leo: Humbling yourself matters

It’s not a bad thing for you to be confident in the person God created you to be. You show others what confidence looks like. Yet sometimes, it can go to your head, and you can forget that you aren’t always perfect. It’s vital to love yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and recognize there are bigger things than yourself. It doesn’t hurt to be proud of yourself but also to be humble in knowing you wouldn’t be here without the One who created you, precisely as you are.

Virgo: You don’t always have to be in control, trust God to care for your details

You always have a plan, and your preparedness is a gift that so many people in life wish they had. Yet if things feel like they’re spinning out of control, you panic and feel the need to retreat from everything around you until you feel steady again. Going into 2020, loosen your grip on all of the control you think you have, and trust that God loves you and cares deeply about all the details in your life- He already knows what’s going to happen.

Libra: Let God give you peace

You understand that you can’t control everything, but you do feel the most at ease when everyone is getting along. You want things to work together in harmony, yet given how chaotic the world tends to be, you stress yourself out over things that you can’t fix. Allow God to give you the peace you’re seeking- not because everything is perfectly balanced, but because God knows you and what you need even when you are fixated on everything else.

Scorpio: You are not always alone

Though to most, it appears you push everyone away and only want to be alone, that isn’t entirely the case. You don’t let people in because you aren’t sure that you can trust them- and feeling that way can make you feel painfully alone. Going into this year, remember that you aren’t alone- that as hard as it is to believe, God longs to establish a connection with you based on trust and love. He knows you better than anyone else does, and loves you unconditionally.

Sagittarius: Be still

When everything in life feels heavy, it can seem like the solution is simple- to distract yourself. To run away. To go where things aren’t heavy. Yet sometimes, it makes sense, and is even necessary, to be still. God is calling you to face the things that make you afraid or uncomfortable, rather than running away from them. You won’t have to do it alone, but choosing to stay when it’s easier to run has the potential to change your whole life.

Capricorn: You can only work so hard, but it won’t truly make you happy

You believe in putting in hard work to get you where you want to go in life, and your determination is admirable. Yet sometimes it seems you’re running yourself into the ground and neglecting to be in the moment because you’re so caught up in your work. Moving into 2020, remember that you can achieve as many things as you want, but that your happiness doesn’t strive from your accomplishments. God created you with a drive, but it was meant to be used for more than just checking goals off of your list.

Aquarius: You don’t have to know everything

You have a curious and insatiable mind about everything there is to know. You are always striving to understand the world and what you can do to make things better. Your quest for knowledge is one of many reasons everyone loves being around you- yet sometimes it feels as though you aren’t satisfied until you know every single aspect of a particular situation. It can be exhausting and draining on you, but as you embrace this next year, remember that you don’t have to know everything. You can’t know everything. You have to come to terms with that, and learn how to take the things you do and use them the best you can.

Pisces: Let God carry you, too

You are the one that everyone comes to when they’re dealing with something in their life. You have wisdom and an empathetic nature that is beyond compare, and it makes you a remarkable friend. Yet it’s not uncommon for you to be so concerned with everyone else that you don’t take care of yourself. In 2020, God is calling you to come rest and to let Him carry you the way you’re always trying to carry everyone else. He sees you and wants you to know your problems are just as significant as everyone else’s- you don’t have to handle it alone.

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