Dear God, Thank You For The Friends You've Placed In My Life

Dear God, Thank You For The Friends You’ve Placed In My Life

Dear God, thank You for the friends you’ve placed in my life

Thank You that at just the right times, you have allowed me to cross paths with people who would become my most prominent advocates and supporters. The ones who loved me at my best and my worst. The ones who picked me up when I couldn’t even imagine standing again.

Thank You that you gave me strong people who weren’t afraid of my weakness. Ones who weren’t afraid to show me theirs, and let me know I wasn’t alone. Ones who took the words “love,” “loyalty,” and “trust” and redefined them in ways I never expected.

Thank You for allowing me to return the favor to them, knowing that friendship isn’t what you get from people, but also about what you give. Thank You that even when I was selfish, they stood by me. Thank You that you gave me people that genuinely made me want to be a better person and a better friend.

Thank You for giving me friends whose arms were always open, regardless of what I had done. That when my heart was breaking, they squeezed me tight enough to help hold me together. Friends who weren’t afraid to call me out when I was wrong but did it in a kind, constructive way.

Thank You for the ones who took my successes and celebrated them with as much joy as their own. Who encouraged me whenever my dreams seemed too radical or unrealistic. The ones who reminded me that failure isn’t the end. Thank You that you introduced me to the ones who listened when I needed someone, and who trusted me enough to do the same when they needed it.

Thank You that you gave me people who knew how to make me laugh louder and harder than I thought possible. Who would help create memories that I would remember years later. The ones who showed me that joy, wit, and companionship can show up in the most unexpected forms. Who naturally radiate happiness into my life without even trying, simply because of who they are.

Thank You for showing me the ones who embraced me at my weirdest, goofiest, strangest stages. You gave me people who let me be unapologetically myself and found it enjoyable instead of annoying. That never once made me feel I had to alter myself to be accepted or loved.

Thank You for the ones who treated our friendship like a commitment, and didn’t leave when things were hard. When distance, miscommunication, or confusion took the reigns, thank you that you gave me people who were ready to weather the storm. The ones who would wait for me whenever I came stumbling back again.

You knew exactly who I would need to make it through this life. Though I may have come across others who didn’t stick around, I am thankful for the ones I know you placed here, for a good reason. You knew everything about me, and you gave me a community of those who would love and cherish that. You gave me others who reminded me of You, even when you felt far away. You gave me friends who gave me hope.

And for all of that, I don’t think I can ever thank You enough.

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