Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who's The Most Relaxed Partner To Who's The Most Possessive

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who’s The Most Relaxed Partner To Who’s The Most Possessive

1. Aquarius

You are as relaxed as they come. You want to have complete freedom and control over your life, and you’re more than willing to extend that same freedom to your partner. Heck, you encourage it. You don’t always access your emotional side, so it can be easy for you to detach from people, and you tend to be so aloof at times that even those you care most for can be forgotten about- so maybe try to seem at least a little more invested? Please?

2. Sagittarius

Easily one of the most free spirits of the zodiac, you want that opportunity to enjoy all that life has to offer you- and this doesn’t change once you’re in a relationship. You’re known to be very carefree and go with the flow, and you don’t have an interest in being possessive over your partner or their constant whereabouts. You also tend to be pretty optimistic in regards to your partner, so you don’t even like to dwell on the option that they could break your trust- you’d rather just believe and hope for the best, so that’s exactly what you do.

3. Libra

Though you are the sign of marriage and partnerships, you aren’t really one to be possessive of your relationships. You are either all or nothing- you are completely invested, knowing your partner is on the same page, or if it seems they’re distracted or not paying attention to you, you’ll pull away equally as much. You’re all about balance and harmony, and to you, being possessive and exerting a ton of energy over your partner and their whereabouts is simply a waste of time.

4. Gemini

You aren’t really one to be possessive, because you are incredibly independent sign who thrives on living their own life and focusing on yourself. You don’t like to get too attached to people in the first place, and even in relationships you tend to keep parts of yourself held back, so when it comes to your relationships you extend trust and space for your partner to be themselves, in the hopes they will do the same. Though you can have bouts of jealousy from time to time, they are very few and far between.

5. Pisces

Do you want to be possessive? Honestly, yeah, you kinda do. You have a lot of emotion and love you want to shower your partner with, and you make strong connections easily with those you have your eye on. The issue is you’re always worried that you’ll drive away your significant other with your behavior, and if you’re too clingy you know it’s a surefire way to make them want to take a step back. If you could get away with being possessive of your partner, you would- but as it stands, you just take a deep breath and choose to believe your partner won’t run off or betray you.

6. Virgo

You try to act detached, but when you’re truly in love that doesn’t really happen, does it? You are so invested in your partner that you can’t help but notice if they seem a bit distant, or if their attention seems fixated elsewhere. You like to try and fix things, but you really do try to give your partner space- so your inner battle of overthinking while also trying to play it cool can be pretty stressful- but overall you trust your partner.

7. Capricorn

You work hard for everything you earn, and so it makes sense that you would be possessive to some degree. However, earning the love and affection of your partner is a little different, and you recognize this. You tend to be fiercely protective of your relationships, but also tend to be pessimistic about their outcomes, so often times you can come off as pretty possessive in regards to your partner and how they spend their time. However, you do believe the crux of relationships rely on trust and loyalty- and you do your best to believe your partner will come through in those areas.

8. Cancer

You don’t like to be a jealous person, we know. But you just care so dang much about your partner and your relationship, you can’t help but get a little too protective over it from time to time- and of course your sensitive, overthinking nature doesn’t help matters in that department. You don’t want to come off as too clingy, but you also are constantly fighting off feelings of jealousy, and it does rear its head from time to time

9. Aries

When you invest in a relationship, you are all in or nothing. When you’re all in, you want your partner’s undivided attention and for them to be focused on you (the same way you are for them). You like the idea of conquering and winning the affection of your love interest, so if it seems they are even remotely looking elsewhere, things can get pretty heated, and fast.

10. Taurus

You have a strong need for security and comfort, and you don’t hide this fact from anyone you date. While you don’t mind trusting your partner, you also have a strong desire to have control over the relationship, much like you like to plan out and control the rest of your life. You try not to be too overbearing, but if you feel your partner isn’t as invested as you are, and even more so if they are more invested elsewhere, you can get very possessive very fast. No one is going to have your partner’s attention if you have any say in the matter.

11. Leo

When you decide to enter into a relationship, it’s a big deal, and you want everyone to know it! Your possessive streak is less about jealousy and more about showing everyone what is yours- you make it very clear that you’re in a relationship and want to show it off to anyone and everyone. Though you can become a bit jealous if you don’t feel you’re receiving enough attention from your partner, this is more about your image than anything else.

12. Scorpio

You won’t even deny it- you know you have a major jealous streak, and it shows. You don’t let your walls down for just anyone, and even when you choose to let someone, you have a tendency to be paranoid that your partner will betray you, exactly like you fear they will. While you don’t like to be controlling, you have no qualms about being possessive over your partner and your relationship- in your mind, they’re all yours or they’re nothing at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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