12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have An ENFP Friend

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1. They will always, always, always encourage you. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if your idea is unrealistic, or if you’ve tried it over and over again. Short of doing something that will hurt yourself or people around you, an ENFP will be your biggest support system- the one to stand beside you when you make it, and help you pick up the pieces to try again when you don’t.

2. They are going to be open to all of the possibilities. ENFPs are known to explore every option, because they can genuinely see all the sides to majority of situations. If you’re stuck inside your head and can’t figure out a solution, your ENFP friend is going to give you an entire list of possibilities- and though you might have to weed out the ones that aren’t always logical- you’ll be surprised when one of those options turns out to be the perfect one you needed.

3. They will be spontaneous when you need it. You had a bad day? Bad week? You feel like you’re stuck? Your ENFP will do whatever it takes to try and get you in better spirits, and if a change of scenery, change of pace, or an unplanned trip is what does it, then even better!

4. They really want to know you. No, reallyENFPs can seem flighty or surface level initially, yet it doesn’t take long for them to decide if they really want to know you- and if they do, they are serious. All the things you thought no one cared about? All those details you are afraid to bore someone with? You won’t, not with your ENFP friend. They want to know everything about you, because honestly? This stuff is fascinating.

5. They’re going to cheer you up, always. Listen, we all know there is a time and place to be sad, angry, or just down in general. Your ENFP will respect that, no doubt. Yet these types are also known to be balls of positive and infectious energy, and love sharing that with the people they care about. So if they can make your day better? They are going to do it in any way they know how.

6. They will push you to be the best version of yourself. Yes, this is partially because they are eternal optimists, but more importantly it’s because they can find the best aspects of anyone they meet. An ENFP friend knows the incredible things you are capable of, and unquestionably believes that you can do it- so they will be the ones who are pushing you forward to actually take the risk to achieve them. They won’t boss you or harass you about it, but they will be the support system right by your side, ready to encourage you to take on those incredible aspirations of yours.

7. They can (and will) have conversation about a variety of topics. Pick a topic. Any topic. Your ENFP friend will talk about it to the extent of what they know, and if they don’t? They’ll want to listen and learn as much as they can from you about it. It can be anything from your favorite music to the ponderings of the universe- they are up for it, And even if the topic isn’t their first choice, they still will give it a shot- because if it’s important to you, it’s important to them too.

8. Their loyalty is off the charts. When first meeting one, and ENFP will appear to have a lot of acquaintance like relationships that come and go without much thought. Yet when an ENFP is invested in you, their loyalty is off the charts. If you need them, they will be there, and they aren’t going anywhere without a fight. You will never doubt whether or not they care for you.

9. They can express things without feeling ashamed or judged. ENFPs are very…expressive. We tend to project our ideas and thoughts out into the world without much filter, and we enjoy it. While our emotions might be a bit more in the guarded side, we are always down to discuss our thoughts and ideas and stories- and we will not judge you in the slightest for the things you share with us.

10. If you’re dealing with a breakup, job loss, any other kind of devastating situation, they will simultaneously empathize with you in your pain, while also lifting you up out of it. We all go through incredibly heart-wrenching experiences from time to time, and turning to your friends is a natural thing for most of us to do eventually. Your ENFP friend will be ready with open arms, and will empathize with you in your darkest and most broken moments, feeling everything right alongside you so you’re not alone. However, in a strange sense, your ENFP will also find a way to help you slowly lift yourself out of it- maybe it’s from talking about the possibilities waiting for you, maybe it’s just from laughing until you can’t breathe, but by the time you’ve left, you may still feel sad about your situation, but somehow hopeful for a better tomorrow.

11. They are persistent about maintaining the friendship without being overbearing. Okay, maybe a bit overbearing. But like, in a tolerable way. When it comes to friendship, ENFPs may get distracted with all the things going on in their minds/lives, but they will also do their best to keep the friendship going- which means they will absolutely bug you about making plans or spending time together until that actually happens. Because we understand that it’s easy to get distracted and forget- but we aren’t going to let you do it that easily.

12. They will be able to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. There is something about ENFPs that make you feel seen and at ease after only spending a short amount of time with them. With the constant stream of ideas, optimistic nature, and excitement about anything and everything, it’s easy to feel like you’re appreciated whenever you’re spending time with them. It doesn’t take long before you feel yourself wanting to open up around them, even if it’s not usually in your nature. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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