Here Is The Poem You Absolutely Need, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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“Somewhere, tucked away in the vastness of it all, hidden between the horizon and the sea, there exists a world where you are loving the one that got away, where the words you never allowed yourself to say flow freely between your teeth. There exists a realm where you did things differently- where you choose the other path. Maybe you are happier there, though that is not the point, for maybe you aren’t. Maybe, just maybe, despite circumstances, despite regret, you are exactly where you need to be. The only thing stopping you from realizing that is the way you whisper ‘what if.'” — Bianca Sparacino, Seeds Planted in Conrete

Let’s face it, you spend more time than you would like to admit thinking about that what if’s and other universes where things played out differently than the life you’re currently in. This poem is a good reminder to you to stop and take a second to realize you can make this moment you’re in something worth remembering.


“I’m so grateful for having a mind that can be changed.” — Andrea Gibson

You have always been one to chase the opportunities that are thrown your way- and something about the world being full of so many possibilities has always been so comforting for you. This line from Andrea really sums up how relieved you feel about being so open to all the things this world has to offer- and the very possibility of changing your mind if the moment calls for it.


“Poems lost under words I can’t seem to find. A delicate prose swallowing me whole. gravity taking hold of the barrels in my knees every time you reach for my hand. It’s déjà vu, I’ve met someone like you in the folds of my imagination poised and meticulously crafted for someone like me. I’ve shut my eyes and dreamt about you through many passing moons, yet somewhere between the many stories hiding within the seafoam of your eyes and the way my name slow dances out of your mouth, waiting here patiently, clock ticking, my dreams failed to prepare me for someone like you.” — Orion Carloto, Deja Vu

If there were ever a poem that truly encapsulated the idea of daydreaming about a potential lover and holding them to only the highest of expectations, it would be this lovely piece by Orion. You are given some flack for over-romanticizing your partners, but this poem is everything you hope for, isn’t it? To find someone who matches the ideas you’ve dreamed up in your mind? It is, INFP. We know.


“This needs to be immense and capable of ruining me if it’s going to mean something.” — Caitlin Conlon, Double A

When it comes to idealizing, for better or worse, you know it’s something you spend a great deal of time doing. More about the situations than people, you have a hard time not relating to someone like Caitlin and her words here- if it’s going to mean something, it has to be catastrophic somehow.


“I remember you as a little girl who overwaters plants because she doesn’t know when to stop giving.” — Trista Mateer

You absolutely adore anyone and everyone in your life- and you will go to great lengths to help them in any way possible. You know you have a tendency to forget about yourself and your needs from time to time, but it’s also such a natural thing for you to keep giving from within yourself. Trista’s poem really hits the mark when it comes to you.


“I feel my life culminating to a point, the delicate threads of my existence joining to form a tapestry. The events up until the present that had seemed of no particular significance, now imbued with a deeper, darker meaning. I can see it so clearly- the greater plan. I understand that I am both the architect and tenant of my destruction and my rebirth. I can feel it so acutely like an ache in my chest, knowing ultimately that I am locked into a chain of events that I cannot stop, an outcome I cannot alter, feeling at once helpless yet hopelessly awed by the power of my part in this beautiful, brutal expression of the universe.” — Lang Leav, The Universe of Us

There may be people who don’t realize just how far your intellect goes, or how intricate your thoughts about life and the universe truly are. This poem by Lang really has a way of capturing the understanding of how small we are compared to a large and expanding universe, but also acknowledging our parts within it- something you know all too well.


“You are not a reflection of the ones who can’t love you.” — Caitlyn Siehl, Crybaby

This might hit you a little hard- but you know that you spend so much time pouring yourself into people who just haven’t had the capacity to love you back, and you tend to wonder what is wrong with you. The truth is, just because these people didn’t love you, doesn’t mean it’s a reflection of yourself- remember that.


“I am still forgiving myself for all the things I didn’t do.” — Ari Eastman

You have had your moments of regret- especially in terms of what you should have followed through on or actually taken action with. Yet in time, we all must learn to forgive ourselves, and for you, this poem might just ring especially true.


“Oh soft one, the day breaks every morning. You may too.” — Alyssa Nicole

Somewhere along the way ISFJ, you have spent a great deal of yourself taking on the weight of the world and those around you- your nature has always been an empathetic and tender one. Yet sometimes you tend to forget that you are a human too, one with problems and pain that deserves to be dealt with just like anyone else. This piece from Alyssa will hopefully be the reminder you need that it’s okay for you to break sometimes, too.


“Years of endurance Leads to years of adventures Leads to years of calm.” — Tyler Knott Gregson, Daily Haiku on Love

You aren’t one to beat around the bush- you know what you want out of life and if it’s up to you, you’ll work hard and plan it out to get there. This haiku from Tyler is a straightforward layout of the way you tend to see things in your life- work hard, experience the opportunities, and relax when it’s all said and done.


“Oh, I bet you regret making an enemy out of me.” — Amanda Lovelace, The Princess Saves Herself in this One

There are so many things to admire about you, ENTJ. We all know you strive to be the best at whatever it is you do, and you’re not one to let anyone stand in your way. For anyone who would even think about crossing you, this poem probably hits close to home.


“There is an innocent but selfish part of you that wants to love but be loved because you knew being loved will make you want to be worthy of being loved. There is a part of you that just wants to see the kind of person you could be, through someone else’s eyes.” — Ian. S Thomas, I Wrote This For You

It’s no secret that you love the spotlight and that you honestly thrive on the validation of those around you. This poem from Ian may be a bit of a reality check for you, but one that rings true nonetheless- that you have a habit of wanting to be loved so much by someone else more than you want most things.


“I am not the type to cycle in and out of relationships. I experience true connection rarely and would never dare settle for less. I’d rather wait a lifetime in isolation for something that genuinely captivates me, than rush into something shallow or ordinary just to feel needed.” — Beau Taplin, The Revolving Door

You are not one to play games, ISTJ, and you have made that known for sure. When it comes to anything- be it relationships, careers, life- you will follow the rules to a tee, but you’re not afraid to wait until you find something worth going for. You don’t see a point in engaging in a constant cycle of things for the sake of it- and this piece from Beau most likely strikes a chord with you.


“Stay kind. Stay so very tender.” — Alison Malee

I know you’re given a lot of flack for being sensitive ISFP- but it’s a quality you shouldn’t be ashamed of or something you should give up just because some people mistake your tenderness for weakness. We need people like you, and this simple poem form Alison should serve as a reminder for you to stay exactly as you are.


“When you tell me about all the things I cannot be, I remind you that I am both war and woman and you cannot stop me.” — Nikita Gill

When it comes to taking action, you certainly come to mind ESTP. While you may not always think things through before you go for them, your determination and refusal to beat around the bush is encouraging, especially in the face of anyone who might doubt you and claim you won’t come through. This poem from Nikita is the kind of fire that you can relate to- that you are unstoppable once you get going.


“They now know solitude doesn’t scare people like us, and our absence is something that we are not afraid to give to the people who call for it.” — Rudy Francisco, Helium

This isn’t to say you are completely against the idea of being alone, ISTP- though we know how much you love your space and your freedom. Yet this poem from Rudy will probably strike a chord within you; that you are not afraid to be alone in living your life, and aren’t afraid to give that space and distance to those who will toss it towards you as a bargaining in hopes that you’ll stick around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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