16 Secrets Women Who Wear All Black Will Never Tell You


1. Everything is available in black.
Tanks, shorts, shirts, hats, necklaces, shoes: every style and every article of clothing will almost always be available in black.

2. Sweating is literally no sweat.
Are you perspiring a ridiculous amount? Most likely, especially in the summer time. Yet black clothing doesn’t sell you out with pit stains. It’s got you covered.

3. You appear confident and mysterious.
Because yes, black gives off the vibe that you aren’t to be messed with.

4. Black will always be in style. Always.
Regardless of how many “new blacks” try to make a claim to fame, black will always be the original that never goes out of style.

5. You can be casual or you can be chic.
Black can be easily paired with jeans and flats for a casual day out, but can also be paired with heels and some red lipstick to go out on the town with your girls. And the transition between the two takes little to no effort.

6. Little black dress will never fail in the date night department.
It’s simple. It’s sexy. Win win.

7. Hello, slimming effect.
Whether you need it or not, black does have a slimming effect, so you never stress about gaining a few pounds here and there.

8. Black is easy.
Because it can be paired with almost any color, including itself, and not look ridiculous.

9. You will always be warm.
Black will absorb more heat than most, so you aren’t nearly as cold as most people.

10. You feel a sense of delight (and sometimes smugness) when people realize you’re not morbid or a killjoy just because of your wardrobe.
People who wear a lot of black tend to have very colorful personalities. Fact.

11. You have an excuse to do more with your makeup.
Your outfit doesn’t scream for attention with patterns and colors, so you can decorate your face with colors that will pop without feeling like you’re doing too much.

12. As well as your accessories.
Throwing on a necklace, bracelet, or earrings to all black is never an issue.

13. You are never worried that you’ll spill something when you are out.
Black provides the perfect backdrop to any outing you might have, because if you spill something, you can’t tell. No humiliation while walking around OR missing out on fun moments while you go home and change.

14. You are able to remain low key and stay under the radar.
Because all black doesn’t usually stand out too much in a crowd, and you have no problems with that.

15. But on the (very rare) days you do wear color, it draws more attention.
People are so used to your all black aesthetic all the time that wearing any other color is a cause for notice, so when you’re looking for attention, you know how to grab it.

16. At the end of the day, it’s one less thing to stress about.
You might have 99 problems, but what color you’re going to wear isn’t one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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