Why I Enjoy Hanging Out With Just The Guys

Nathan Congleton
Nathan Congleton

Let me start this off by saying this: YES, I have a group of girl best friends. No, I am not one of those people who think you should only have guy friends because girls are “too dramatic” or “catty” or whatever else is the stigma for a girl who have a group of male friends. I cherish my girl best friends to the moon and back, and they in themselves will get their own article. However, I have had a wonderful experience this past year meeting and spending an extensive amount of time with an awesome group of guys, and I’ve really liked it.

It’s in my most humble opinion that at some point in her life, a girl should experience having a group of just male only friends. Based off my experience, here’s why:

They are freaking chill. All the time.

Girls can get worked up about something in no time flat, even something as simple as a passive aggressive text or a plot line on a TV show. We can go from zero to a hundred, and after awhile, that can be kind of exhausting. When I hang out with my group of guy friends, they honestly are just chill people. Not that they don’t show emotion or are boring in the least-far from it. They just rarely get stressed, and the few times I’ve seen any of them get anxious or concerned about something still pales in comparison to any reaction I would get from my group of girl friends in the same position. Especially if I’m having a stressful week in any other area of my life, it’s relaxing just to come in, sit on a bean bag, and relax with a bunch of relaxed people.

They are impulsive.

I can’t speak for all guys, but this has been my experience with this particular group. The guys I hang out with are some of the most impulsive and spontaneous people I know. It’s not uncommon for me to get a text from one of them saying “Hey, let’s go do something.” It isn’t long before the whole group is together and off we go. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like plans, but my life does revolve around them constantly. Hanging with these guys has allowed my more impulsive streak to come out, and it’s been great. I’ve done everything from midnight truck rides to random out of town trips just to eat at a certain restaurant thirty minutes before they closed- all the results of last minute decision making- and have always had a great time. I can’t really think of the last time I honestly was bored since I’ve met them, and it’s been great.

They can handle my sarcasm.

I’m incredibly sarcastic. I really don’t know how to turn it off, and I spend 75% of the time feeling guilty for my consistent sarcastic comments and digs when I’m around a group of people. My girl friends who have known me for 6+ years can handle my sarcasm, because they know me so well. However with girls I meet initially, I really have to watch myself with the jokes, because as a whole girls can be more sensitive. I’ll either drive them off or have to explain repeatedly that I’m kidding, which means after awhile I’m probably not saying much of anything around them. The great thing with these guys is they don’t allow me to get to them-or if I ever have they are great at hiding it. They just give me back what I dish out and we call it even. More often than not these guys enjoy making fun of me, cracking jokes at my expense, or making up nicknames for me that never go away ( i.e. “Hamburgalar.” So hysterical, guys). It’s been nice not having to really worry about what I say, and just being able to be comfortable around them.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the times I spend with these guys. They make me laugh, keep me from ever being bored for long, and I can’t say that there is another group of people I would enjoy hanging out with this much (not that I would ever tell them that…pshhhh.) I don’t think my life will ever be quite the same when inevitably things change and I move away, or they drift apart someday. Yet I’ll always cherish the memories I’m making with them now. Thanks guys, you’re the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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