5 Signs It’s Probably Time To Leave Your Job

A lot of people stay in a job they hate because they are afraid of the unknown. I’m a firm believer that everything works out they way it is supposed to, so if you leave a job you hate, chances are your life will be better from that decision, not worse. Don’t waste away precious moments of your life doing something you hate. These are the 5 signs it’s probably time to chuck up the deuces to your current employer.

1. You dread waking up in the morning

The only day you wake up feeling happy is Friday because you know the work week is over! You shouldn’t be dreading the start of five out of seven days. What kind of life is that? I will tell you what kind of life it is: IT ISN’T ONE! Life is far too short to be doing anything you dread or dislike. Re-gift yourself a purposeful and fulfilling life. Plan your escape route and leave that job ASAP.

2. You can no longer tolerate your colleagues or boss

You used to be able to ignore your boss’s snarky commentary and your coworker’s not-so-funny jokes. Now every time they open their mouth you want to scream. Nothing has changed about them! You just hate your job! The work used to be enjoyable and distracted you from the fact that your boss is unpleasant and your coworker is borderline ignorant. My dear, it’s time to go. Pack up your cubicle and kiss that job goodbye! On to a better work environments and bigger opportunities.

3. You are late every damn day

You hit the snooze button at 6 a.m., 6:30 a.m., 7 a.m., 7:30 a.m., 8 a.m., and 8:30 a.m. You drag yourself out of bed at 8:35, tell yourself you’ll shower when you get home, hop in your car, and stroll into the office at 9:20. Your morning meeting already started and you couldn’t care less. This is not the life you want and you know it! Please, put yourself out of your misery and quit!

4. You’ll miss work for anything

Your dog is turning 2 years old and you just can’t leave your puppy alone on their birthday! Your car is on empty and stopping at the gas station will make you 5 minutes later than usual, so what’s the point of going into the office? You woke and sneezed and now you believe you have the Ebola virus. You’ll justify just about any bullshit reason NOT to spend the next 8 hours of your day at a job you know you hate but are too afraid to leave.

5. You start making careless mistakes

You have stopped reading your emails before sending them out to people. Who cares if you spelled the client’s name wrong, right? WRONG. If you keep making careless errors, you will likely tarnish your name within your profession. Remember, when you apply for another job, they ask for references. Do you really want your next employer to think you are a careless person? No. I think it’s best you just walk away from this job while your reputation is still in tact.

If you are too afraid to leave your job or don’t know how to strategize your escape plan, reach out to a career coach like Career Savage. Better to get help than be miserable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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