25 Things You Should Have Or Do Before 25

Turning 25 is BIG. After all, you are turning a quarter of a century. Life all of a sudden feels a little more real, making decisions feels a little more serious, and thinking about the future feels a little more scary. That being said, having these 25 things will make life after 24 a bit easier:

1. Friends you can trust

You should have at least one friend you can call in a crisis. Someone who would bail you out of jail with no judgement. A friend who will listen to you cry for days, weeks even, about the person who broke your heart. A friend who you know would keep your secrets like they keep their own. A friend who has seen your crazy, wild-child, happy, angry, emotionally out of control sides and still loves the shit out of who you are at the core.

2. A Passport

Gift yourself the freedom of traveling wherever your heart desires.

3. A savings account with money for a ‘rainy day’

Life in your 20-somethings is unpredictable. Before turning 25, make sure you have money saved away for that flat tire, parking tickets, or any other unexpected costs.

4. An LBD

Every girl needs a LBD (Little Black Dress). It should be simple enough that you can dress it down for an interview or dress it up for a cocktail hour.

5. A signature drink

A glass of Cabernet or Tequila Soda Lime—my two go to drinks. This way, I spend less time looking at the menu and more time enjoying my environment.

6. A credit card or two

I have four Credit Cards: Chase Sapphire Preferred, AmEx BlueCash EveryDay, Wells Fargo Cash Back, and Capital One QuickSilver.

I have four because I can manage ALL four! Do not apply for more than what you can handle. Having a credit card allows for you to build your credit. Having strong credit allows for you to do a number of other things like buy a car or a house. If you have not started building your credit and are on your way to 25, start today!

7. A luggage set

Stop borrowing your friends suitcases and invest in your own.

8. A solid plan

You do NOT have to have your entire life mapped out, but what about the next month? Try to decide where you want to go in your career so you are not aimlessly living life after 24 confused and uncertain.

9. AAA

If you have a car, get AAA! In one year I had my car battery die, the engine light flash red due to a faulty oil filter, and my keys get locked in my car. Without Triple A roadside assistance, I am not sure what I would have done. Stop using your friends roadside assistance and get your own! You’re almost 25, for goodness sake!

10. Your signature scent

Step away from CVS and Rite Aid body sprays and step toward a signature perfume/cologne. Classic Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs Daisy and Gucci Bloom are always sitting on my vanity waiting to be used.

11. A pair of simple black heels

Because what would you wear your LBD with? You can’t go wrong with a pair of simple black heels. Before turning 25 you should be able to quickly grab an outfit for going out in under 5 minutes. Having these heels as a go-to will leave you with one less decision to make.

12. A designer handbag

Hear me out! I use to buy purses from ASOS, H&M, and Forever 21 until I realized these bags go bad and I eventually have to replace them. After purchasing my first designer bag, I realized it’s a smart investment. Before 25, make the investment! It is not about the name, it is about the quality of the bag.

13. A place of Your own

It’s time. Take the plunge and leave your parents’ house. I know it sounds great living at home because you get to save money, but your personal life is likely suffering as a result. Gift yourself freedom before 25 and move out!

14. A sense of who YOU are

Be so in love with who you are and what you stand for that no one can manipulate you into being someone or something else.

15. Get rid of all relationships that are toxic

You may not realize that some of the relationships in your life are toxic. If you have anyone who is not contributing positively to your personal and professional development, cut them off ninja-style. No one has time for nonsense after 24. Say goodbye to the sociopaths, narcissists, and people who simply bring you down.

16. An idea of what you want in a relationship

I am sure you have had your heart broken once or twice before turning 25. By now, you should know what you want and do not want in a partner. Do not waste any more time dating people you know don’t align with your relationship goals.

17. Favorite coffee or tea order

I always meet clients, old/current friends, and even exes at coffee shops. When you have your favorite coffee or tea order down pat, it cuts down the time spent aimlessly looking at the menu. Sometimes I want my “coffee meetings” to run quickly and smoothly. Knowing what I want to drink ALWAYS speeds up the process.

18. Enough confidence to not feel the need to justify yourself to anyone

By 25, be so confident in yourself that you don’t need the validation of others. Stand by your opinions and beliefs, never feeling the need to compromise who you are just to appease others. You don’t need anyone to tell you how beautiful you are inside and out! Why? Because YOU already know this.

19. What you like in bed and what you do NOT like

If you are celibate, skip to number 20. If not, know what you like sexually and don’t be afraid to say it! You have to be comfortable talking about what you like. If you are still figuring it out, that’s ok! So long as before 25 you have the courage to vocalize your sexual wants and needs to your partner.

20. A hobby

I like making YouTube videos and taking pictures. It truly is therapeutic at times. I also love to travel! By 25, you should have some sort of hobby that fuels your soul—something you do on your own WITHOUT friends.

21. A favorite book

Wine, beer, books, and movies. These are the 4 generic conversation topics that I notice always come up. Make sure you have a favorite book you can confidently speak to. Even if it is something random you do not think anyone has ever read, it is more likely than not a conversation starter. Let’s not stare at people aimlessly with nothing to contribute to a conversation after 24.

22. A music playlist for entertaining guests

So you have that space of your own we talked about. You will probably have your family and friends over often. Make sure you have a go-to playlist for when they are around. Sure, you could just turn on the TV for background noise, but this is not college. Let’s class it up at 25.

23. A go-to self-care routine

Nails, massage, aromatherapy, painting, writing, working out. There are a number of ways to practice self-care. By 25, you should have this routine down pat! Life in your 20-somethings is complicated. Make them less complicated by making sure you are taking care of YOU.

24. A good relationship with your family

Friends are great, but family is everything. If possible, work towards developing strong ties with your family members. Mend those broken relationships and then nurture them so they never break again.

25. Things that make you happy

By 25, you should have a pretty good understanding of what makes you happy. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I am always happy after a phone call or FaceTime call with someone I am close to. I am always happier when I travel. I am always happy when I spend time with my clients. When I experience my little funks, I know doing any of these things will put me right back on track. Life after 24 will be a lot easier the sooner you understand what makes you happy.

At the end of the day, age is no more than a number. This list is subjective and if you feel you can thrive and be happy without anything on this list, more power to you! I turn 25 in May and I am going batshit crazy trying to clean up the end of my early 20s to make the transition to mid-20s all the more smooth.

May the force be with all my 1994-born friends in 2019. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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