5 Tips For Bouncing Back After A Traumatic Breakup

You gave your whole heart to the person you thought was “the one” and now they have left you heartbroken. Here are 5 tips on how to pick up the pieces, because the best revenge is getting back to feeling like the better version of you.

1. Find closure

Before you can start the healing process, get the necessary closure you need. Closure does not have to be a round table discussion with your former love. It can be removing all the items from your life that remind you of them. It can be saying goodbye to who you were in the relationship and vowing to be better and wiser as a result. Closure is the start to bouncing all the way back!

2. Solo travel or travel with friends

Solo travel sounds crazy, but the experience is intoxicating. When you embark on a journey alone to a place you have never been, it reminds you how resourceful and awesome you really are! Your former love left you and may have made you question your self-worth, something you should NEVER do. When you travel alone you are reminded that you are of value to the most important person in your life: YOU.

Traveling with friends reminds you there are plenty of people in this world who love everything about you. It is also a great way to distract yourself. If you plan a trip you will have something fun to look forward to.

3. Keep busy

If you are already a busy person and you are still thinking about what your former love is up to, you are not busy enough. Start a YouTube channel, start a business, start writing, start something that will occupy all of your idle time. Remind yourself you have talents and use them. At first it will be hard to find the motivation, but once you get in the flow, time will fly and you will begin to feel reminded how talented and innovative you truly are.

4. Get active

Maybe you used to workout with your former love and the gym is a constant reminder. There are many ways to stay active, and you need as many happy hormones (endorphins) as possible. Visit Groupon and find a kickboxing class in your area. Sign up for class pass. Hike a new trail with a different friend once a week. Sign up for a yoga class or pilates. When you look good, you feel even better! Set a goal for yourself and work tirelessly to reach that goal.

5) Rediscover your city

After a breakup, you may fear going back to places you and your former love use to visit. This is the best time to rediscover your city. Find new coffee shops, new movie theaters, and new restaurants. For every place you feel you can’t go because of special memories you have with your ex, find two new places to explore. Rediscovering your city forces you to be in new environments and meet new people.

The pain of this breakup may seem like too much to bear, but I promise you will be okay and you will come out on top. All of these tips require self-love, and as a result, you will come out a better version of yourself. Remember the relationship you were in ended for a reason and the love you deserve will come when the time is right. In the meantime, love who matters most: you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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