10 Things Tall Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Flickr / Lee Cannon
Flickr / Lee Cannon

1. “Your parents must be giants.”

Nope, they’re average-sized people. Believe me.

2. “You’re too tall to wear heels!”

I will wear what I want, when I want! It’s not my fault I have to look down during conversations with you. My height should not deprive me of being **flawless.

3. “Last time I saw you, you were *this* small!”

OK, that’s cute.

4. “What’s your sport?”

Volleyball. Or nothing. Does it matter?

5. “Sorry miss, that’s the only size.”

Ah, the struggle of the jeans. When they fit my waist, they’re too short. When they’re the right length, they’re too wide. Same goes for skirts and shorts…it’s never too late to invent sizes in between, clothing stores.

6. “Why don’t you try the men’s section?”

How about no?

7. “Have you tried modeling?”

I may or may not have…

8. “You look so awkward when you dance!”

I.Do.Not.Care. I will dance (and sing) along to our queen of awkward-tall-girl-dancing, Taylor Swift!

9. “Can you get that for me?”

Grr…you should really buy a stool or a chair or a ladder…I won’t always be here to get the peanut butter from the top shelf.

10. “For a girl, you’re reeaaaallyyyy tall.”

And you’re reeeeaallyyyyy annoying. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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