This Is What Kind Of Kid You Were, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Always running around, having fun, play fighting a lot and somehow has a bad attitude at 8. A really happy child.


Always eating snacks their parent packs for them, doesn’t like listening and prefers to eat and sleep.


Always laughing and joking, running about with the Aries child and talks to everyone. Really likes drawing.


Very sweet, shares their things when asked, always gives stuff they find to their parents, but can also be very jealous and possessive, likes sweets.


Ruler of the playground, usually leads a group of child followers, teachers love them.


Sits with a small group of friends either playing hop-scotch or talking quietly. Blushes a lot and quick to learn.


Always doing everyone’s hair and wears coordinated clothes. Can either be really bubbly and social or steers clear of everyone and sits alone.


Very quiet at first but with their friends they talk all the time. Teachers think they’re evil and quiet but they’re really smart for their age.


Always exploring the playground and asking questions. Very curious. Has a big group of friends but strays on their own a lot.


Both quiet and loud. Argues with the teacher a lot. Respectful to the ones they like but throws temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. Very smart children.


Also very smart, has a few close friends and makes up rumors that people believe 10 years later. Like to pull stupid faces and are very expressive.


That one kid who comes to school in their pajamas. Likes doodling. Very nice and polite but can seem a bit weird to some. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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