On December 23, 2015 I Fell For You

when i fell for you
Jordan Bauer

on the evening of december 23, 2015
i crawled into your arms for the first time
and pulled out my heart through my nose
with a broken hanger and plastic pliers
i let my red bourbon barrel aged wine spill
down like niagara falls on my white chemise
splashing onto doctor cold tile and ripping open
skin soft sensitive skin pale naive stupid
i was so fucking fortunate to look into your
blue green blue green blue green (we argue) eyes
eating nothing but thin crust cheese dominos pizza
momentarily distracted by the red sea pouring
the memory of the time you “taught” me how to
parallel park on an incline over ice help me
on that evening yes i fell for you but it has
not been reciprocated yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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