12 Ways You Know A Girl Is Your Best Friend

Kirill Linnik / (Shutterstock.com)
Kirill Linnik / (Shutterstock.com)


When you want to go out and do something, she is the first person you think to invite.


She knows all your eccentricities, the good and the bad.


You can talk to each other about absolutely anything, from relationship problems to the type of porn you enjoy watching.


You feel completely natural and normal around her. You can always be yourself.


The disgusting and hilarious faces you make don’t faze her; she does them right back.


She knows absolutely everything about the person you’re with/hardcore crushing on.


The two of you have discussed plans to run off to a foreign country together in case life gets too rough.


When you discuss weddings with her, you imagine she is the maid of honor because obviously she will be.


The two of you have shared really good times and really bad times, and they have all brought you closer.


When she texts you the most hilarious things, you read it in her voice, which makes it even funnier.


You are totally comfortable talking about poop together. It’s a big step.


You know that you will both always be there for each other no matter what. TC mark

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