To The Girl Who (Supposedly) Has It All

Yes, you are beautiful I admit but that does not mean I am not beautiful too. And see external beauty will inevitably fade however internal beauty will always remain true.

Yes, you may be financially privileged but I take pride in regard to putting forty plus hours a week into work while balancing school and various activities. Paying for my car, schooling, and phone has taught me a great sense of responsibility which you lack.

Yes, you seem to charm family, friends, and colleagues but you are not humble. You believe the world was built for you and only you. There is a difference between confidence and being egotistical. Confidence has a beautiful glow while egotistic is ignorance. If you ever come back to reality I hope you realize there is more to life than what people think of you.

You are fortunate enough to have a space to call your own. You have a place to hide and run when you’re sad or afraid. I’ve been forced to show every emotion because hiding and running has never been an option for me.

You believe your career should come to you. While I am working and building accreditation towards my future you are expecting jobs to land in the palm of your hand. The most successful people started from the bottom and you are no different. You cannot make it to the top if you crush everyone on the way up; you will find it is quite lonely up there.

Just remember, where you end up is not as important as how you treat others. While you are too busy consumed with yourself you are neglecting to see that I am ahead of you. To the girl who has it all you don’t really have it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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