You Make Me Less Afraid Of Love


Second chances and moments of truth. Remedies and a feeling so powerful it soothes your soul. Everyone has their moments of inspiration. Some are inspired by a color, by a breeze, by a light or by a person. My inspiration in moments of darkness has always been you. You see, sometimes in this world we are given a second chance at living a life.

In my case, I was giving a second chance at living, but also a third chance of beginning a life with you.

As the years have passed, we may not have spoken, but our hearts never gave up on one another. Maybe that’s how you know you are always meant to have a particular person in your life. Whether it be emotionally, romantically or physically it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that insatiable feeling that flows through your body deep into the pits of your soul.

That fire that without question, makes you smile.

Sure we both have changed and we both have grown up within many different aspects of ourselves. However, that childish, carefree and natural chemistry never fades with that person you never quite quit on. I have never classified myself as that guy who had the answers to all of life’s mysteries, in fact I embrace the mystery. The mystery of not knowing where a certain feeling may take you. Even if it takes you back to a person who is half have across the world in another time zone.

At this point in my life, it’s is about learning who the real you is. Learning from mistakes that happened that you can’t change the consequences that made someone possibly not dare to fall for you again. Learning is a subject we begin from the second we are born, till the minute our hourglass just doesn’t have any sand left to drain. Some of us are stubborn and learn the hard way, others don’t even bother to even take that risk. Either a risk can destroy you or make you, it all relies on your perception. A perception of mine that has been clouded for quite a few years.

Like an owl in the night, we too are afraid of showing ourselves once we have been hurt over and over and over again. Whether that pain was justified or created on its own, it doesn’t matter. We may whisper our feelings and troubles to ourselves at night when no one else is there to hear them. What if we decided to whisper those same thoughts, those same feelings to a person we still care about. Will they listen and still care too? That however, is something you can’t control.

This is my final whisper. A whisper I shouldn’t have the chance to murmur. I still care, I always have and always will because when wonder and joy is staring you in the face, those are feelings I permanently want to embrace. No longer will I whisper my thoughts to myself, it is about time others listen to them too.

As I continue to learn more about my inner self and focus less on the perception of how I am looked at I realize, there really aren’t many people out there who want to be to be on this journey that life has to offer with you. We may travel all around the world, walk down the street to our local coffee shop but sometimes it doesn’t matter and you can’t control that feeling of joy or wonder.

One time is all you may have to capture the purest feeling a human being can experience, love.

If you could whisper anything to that one person on your mind right now, would you? I would because once our time is up, and the lights are dimming, what if that’s the person you want hearing your final whisper. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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