Nobody Has To Know

Nobody ever has to know the real you, or do they? Do you dare give the opposite sex control of your feelings? Do you let another person break your guard down and reveal yourself to them? Nobody has to know the real you, but then how can you know someone else?

Our generation has its own flaws and tribulations when it comes to relationships, dating and honesty. Talk to any new person you meet, nine times out of then everyone has “the one” that got them. The one that they let in. The person they grew together with and grew apart from. The one that taught them more about themselves than anyone else could have before. This same individual was also the downfall for anyone they met after them. The guy who lied to her, the guy who mistreated her. The girl who deceived him, made him believe in false hopes and wonders. We have all been there, that moment when you are now faced with a crossroad.

Now you’re faced with a new face. A new smile. A new laugh. A new emotion. Someone to try and captivate, to try and court. Do you choose to pick up where you left off? Or do you decide that people do have to know the real you. We don’t want to admit the fact that deep down we are all scared. That one man or woman that will come in and completely screw up all of your feelings to the point where you wake up one morning in complete bliss wondering is this all really happening.

Nobody has to know, but they do. They do need to know how you function, what you believe in, why you are scared and why you are ready to jump ship. Why you want to give them what they want, but why you aren’t there yet. Is it possible someone out there, could feel the same as you? Yes. Deep down we all fear connection. Even if we delve into deep conversations with our friends about finding our soulmates, that true manifestation of love deep inside our souls. The color red, the color violet, the color of being intoxicated by another.

This could have been inspired by a song, or by a date or is something that has been floating around your mind too. We all have the ability to hide our true nature, but we really shouldn’t. Loves out there for all of us. No matter what version you yearn for it’s there. It took me 23 years to find myself and I’m still not done looking. As I walk aimlessly around town, or drive to work my thoughts engulf me now for many positive reasons. So yes, everybody has to know. Tell them, make them believe and create that vision of the miracle they are looking for in you.

Nobody has to know. Only them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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