7 Fun Ways You Can Be Productive This Winter

Flickr / Jason Devaun
Flickr / Jason Devaun

Everyone uses winter as an excuse to lounge around in cozy pajamas with a hot cup of peppermint tea. That sentence just made me sleepy at my desk, but this season will be different. Here are some ideas that will put you far ahead of your peers and have you saying, “Winter is the new summer, bitch.”

1. Buy your own Christmas gifts, even if they’re under the 10 dollar (five is fine is my book) threshold. No more putting your name on your older sibling’s gift, as hard as that sounds.

2. Start a limited-time-only Thanksgiving leftover blog. I’m throwing this out there for anyone to expand on, I only need partial credit. For a whole week people will be craving to see your next leftover creation every single day.

3. Big snowstorm? The high school kids might have you beat on the shoveling business, but what about the ice? Offer the finishing touch that will give the neighbors a sense of luxury plus safety with a couple bags of salt.

4. Write the modern version of A Christmas Story and book the local recreation center for the day after Christmas. Everyone will watch the famous tongue stuck to pole scene but everyone will remember the modern tongue stuck to the iPhone frozen pole app.

5. Write an email to yourself to be delivered after tax season to remind yourself to buy that gift you wish you asked for Christmas. Thank you, me.

6. Make your New Year Resolutions before NYE and start working at it now. When all your friends are having that “I’ve already failed my resolutions” conversation, you’ll have that “I might need to make some more.” response. No one will talk behind your back when you walk away.

7. Instead of listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas album over and over again, you can create a Youtube cover channel and sing them over and over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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