I Was A Failure For So Long That I Forgot Things Can Work Out

image - Flickr / State Library Queensland
image – Flickr / State Library Queensland

I forgot that things can work out.

I went a long time doing failure. I did failure so much that I forgot it was failure. It was just what I did.

This didn’t work and that didn’t work.

Then just last night, something worked. I thought it might work, but in the way that I thought all the other things would work. It’s got a chance, but I’m not going to get too excited about it.

Then, while my partner and I were doing the thing, we got excited. It was fun.

And it worked.


Maybe even huge.

And it’s opened a path where the probability of things working has dramatically increased.

This one un-failure will be leveraged into more un-failures.

That’ll be nice.

But that path of un-failures?

Well, I’m still going to fail all around it.

And that’s alright.

That’s life.

And it works.

(And, maybe next time, I’ll even type, “success”.)

Why do I tell you this? Because chances are you’ve been failing. Because that’s what most of life is.

And I wanted you to know that that failing you’re doing. It’s not always going to be failing.

One day you’re going to fail in success.

As long as the failing involves action.

The only failure that can last forever is the one that happens when you don’t try.

And that sucks.

Because that failing isn’t even fun.

So, to my brothers and sisters in failure, don’t stop!

The next thing might work.

(Every time.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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