Everybody Is Screwed Up. Nobody Is Perfect.

The following is an excerpt of my upcoming book, Wisdom of Action.

Successful People ______

There are thousands of bloggers filling in that blank space every day.

Millions click the headline hoping for the answer. The one that was missing from the last hundred times they clicked the identical headline.

Successful people are humans. Meaning they do all the wrong things: they worry about competition, they abandon their children, they ignore the emotional needs of their spouses, they go insane, they procrastinate, they have negative thoughts, they waste money, they’re shortsighted, they’re everything you are and worse.

Read a couple biographies. Walt Disney chain-smoked, is rumored to have sympathized with Nazis, and was a terrible boss. Steve Jobs would tell an employee his idea was terrible and then present it as his own the next day. Warren Buffett drinks five Cherry Cokes a day, lived with another woman while married, and refused to acknowledge his son’s adopted kids as family members. Quentin Tarantino nearly drove his friend to suicide because he was such a competitive movie buff.

Everybody screws up. Everybody, for that matter, is screwed up.

Nobody is winning because they’re perfect. They’re winning because they have consistently taken action, they have remained focused, and, more often than you’d think, they got lucky.

Stop worrying about having all your ducks in a row, “getting your life together”, or whatever else it is.

Today move in the direction you want to move in. Take action.

The world around you is a mess, have fun with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Unsplash / Victoria Alexander

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