How To Go On Living After Losing A Loved One

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A year ago I lost my father to cardiac arrest. I’ve experienced a few deaths in my family, but the death of my dad is what shook me the most. I never thought I’d experience losing someone dear to me at such a young age, and I didn’t even imagine living my life without my dad supporting me from behind.

If you lost someone dear to you, the best way to continue living is to remember what your loved one wanted you to have. No loved one in this world wished for their family’s grief, what counts the most in moving on is accepting the fate of life. Here are some tips that would help you deal with the struggle that comes together with grief.

Let it all out.

Being separated from the person you hold dear is tough. Grieving is not a one-day process, you can’t just cry today and forget about it the next day. In order to fully recover from a loss, you have to accept that they are no longer with you physically. But that doesn’t mean you’ll forget about them. Being sad is normal; no one’s capable of laughing knowing that someone in your family died. If you need to cry it out to feel better, then feel free to do so, just remember that tears won’t do anything for you. It’ll help ease the pain but how you cope with the loss depends on your actions and acceptance of reality.

Don’t try to fake that you didn’t lose someone dear to you.

Oftentimes, people, especially the ones close to you, will notice that you look distressed. Not everyone is capable of pulling off a convincing act, even Michael Jordan retired from his career as a basketball player after his father passed away. It’s not good to act like nothing happened, because once you talk it out with friends; your eyes will start tearing and the next thing you know you’re already crying in front of everyone.

Death isn’t a reason to lose control over your life.

Passing over to the next life is something that’s inherent in our world. We can’t change that and neither does drinking, doing drugs, and failing from your classes will bring your loved one back. The best way to retaliate against the law of life and death is to do your best and make your loved one proud, remember that they supported you all through out, and messing with your life will make them unhappy. It’s all right to space out from time to time, but don’t let grief get the best out of you.

Don’t regret not doing what you could have done with your loved one.

It’s bad enough that you’re feeling guilty that you weren’t able to spend your time well with the one you just lost. Rather, cherish the moments that you have with your friends and family. Build new memories and give your love and attention to those you care for the most, because these memoirs will serve us a remembrance for the people we love when it’s finally our time to cross over to the next life.

Don’t be scared to have fun.

Let the past be the past, you don’t have to live in a world where you can’t have fun just because someone died. Explore the world, be adventurous, loosen up a bit, and embrace life. By the time that you’ve experience bereavement, you’ll know how valuable and short-lived life is. Let your loved one watch you from above, they want to see you live your life as blissful as you possibly can.

Keep moving forward.

The gist of what Walt Disney said, keep moving forward, just like stumbling and failing in life, we have to find a way to live in the world without the one we love. Moving on is both a demanding and challenging task. It’s hard to keep your focus on something knowing that a part of you was taken away, but that’s what we realize from losing someone. Death helps us understand the world more; it strengthens and gives us courage to welcome the next day with a brand new perspective, a fresh start.

Life doesn’t end by losing someone; it helps us build our personality and strengthens our weaknesses. What we can do now is to take one step at a time, to walk a path guided by hope. We need to learn how to live, knowing that someone that was beside us is no longer with us, but they are now watching from above as we continue to battle with our daily struggles in life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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