When You’re In Your Darkest Hour, Read This

Joanna Kosinska
Joanna Kosinska

You might be alone in your room thinking if things could get any worse than it already is.

You’re right.

It could be worse later, tomorrow or maybe a few weeks from now. Nobody knows maybe the earth will suddenly shatter into pieces or a meteor might hit and wipe out our existence. Nobody knows. Nobody knows if you are meant to do the things you’ve always wanted to do or if you’ll fall in love with someone you didn’t see coming. The world as it is — mysterious and unpredictable; messed up, yet absolutely worth living for.

And that’s why if you’re reading this, don’t give up on yourself.

For all your worries, fears, hopelessness and heartache will be replaced with feelings that will make you forget what it felt like to fall helplessly into the never ending anxiety that creeps in from time to time.

Don’t give up on yourself. For all the times you felt like you’re never good enough, you will someday discover what your heart beats for. You will feel passion for the things you do not because you’re good at it, but because it makes you feel like you’ve finally found something to remind you that you just need self-discovery. We all have something we’re not good at, but you shouldn’t forget that we have other things we’re good at — too.

Don’t give up on yourself. Those times when you look at the mirror and start to question why you look, act or even exist because all that you can think about is how sh*tty you are. Those times when you tried to change to fit the standards and expectations of society for the fear of judgements that not only hurt you, but give you even more reasons to hate yourself. Just don’t give up on yourself, by giving up meaning letting negativity get to you and hate every part of you because you’re too tired to keep going. Someday maybe not today, you will find courage to embrace every flaw and love the pieces that make you whole — and that will be your power because no one else is you. They say you shouldn’t hurt the people you love. The question is, will you still get hurt the moment you learn to love yourself?

Don’t give up on yourself because at the end of those days when you felt all of that, you’re all alone. You are your own hero. The strength you have left the moment you close your eyes before falling asleep is all that you have — and frankly, the only thing that can save you the next day you wake up.

Don’t give up on yourself because the beauty of life isn’t only about blissful days. It’s the thrill of not knowing what’s to come.

But how will you know if all these good things will happen? Simple.

Every time you feel like giving up on yourself; get up, focus on bettering yourself, build the right mindset and hope for better days even if it burns you a little — that’s the only way to keep going.

Again, the world as it is — mysterious and unpredictable; messed up, yet absolutely worth living for. That’s why you shouldn’t give up now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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