Why Do Gay Men And Women Want To Stay Away From Bisexual Men?

image - Flickr / mary
image – Flickr / mary

If you were to ask a group of women regardless of age range, what kind of men they wouldn’t date. The majority of answers would consist of the cheaters, cheapskates, abusers and mama’s boys. This is all the general things no woman wants to put up with and all agreed upon. You ask the same group of women what man are they willing to love, they’d tell you a man who is faithful, has integrity, respectful, honest and of course good in bed. What happens if this man prefers men too? This factor or trait would send women running for the hills even if he IS the desired man they listed previously. This sexuality isn’t even considered by women. Not even an initial thought. What is bisexuality only limited to women? So why is there so much animosity and distaste for men who sleep with men?

This isn’t a bashing session of women and their preferences. Who you love IS your choice, but I want to understand as to why so many people (gay men included), want to stay away from bisexual men? The ability to choose who you love and having a wide range of possible lovers, scares people. It is the idea of having 100% control over the genitals they prefer and when they want those genitals. Greed, lust and confusion cross women’s minds when they think of loving a man who have sucked cock before. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women and some gay men, turn their smiles upside down when they heard their crush was bi. Maybe this is what led most men to live their sexuality on the ‘down low’.

So who will date him? A good number of gay men don’t want him and a large number of women won’t accept it. They hide, with a few who aren’t afraid to be open. Now I am not saying let’s loathe the bisexual men, let’s all do a charity event for them. I do want to say that I personally, need to understand if there will ever be a period where they will be accepted without hesitation? Do you think the fact that his love for penis every now and then will make me break up with him? What if he’s loving, loyal, responsible, hardworking, understanding AND good with kids? Nope! I would find a way for us to make this work! As the saying goes, a good man is hard to find. What if he were heterosexual and had a few mistresses during our marriage, how is this better than him having a penis here and there. That wasn’t a question, but more of a thought. The world is changing and I guess with the exception of a few issues such as racism, world poverty and the judicial system, some things will remain the same.

How can more bisexual men be accepted and how can they kill the ‘down low’ era…hmm? How about they stop hiding and admit to loving both genitals. The only way to get rid of the stigma and stereotyping of bisexuality is to love who you [bisexual men] are and being out and proud. No matter what she, he or they say. Once a man does it and another and another, soon a big group forms and more people will take action into admitting who they are. The more public it is, the better life will be and people will understand. Everyone will still have a preference and loving one different group of people won’t change, however it will get a person one step closer to acknowledging that there IS a such a group and no longer considered the “forgotten ones”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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