Why Leaving The Special Person Stings The Most

Divorces, annulment, separation and heartbreaks are something that’s so common now. Why? Because people don’t have the right perspective, people don’t have the right vision of it. They think that when people are lost in their life, they would find them in another one. That’s the most stupid idea I’ve ever heard. People think: “they can leave people behind because they can find those particular attributes in another person, but then we accept that no two people are the same living in Earth” – the irony in this idea. People don’t value other people like the old times.

The reason why they leave people so easily is because they don’t look at that person internally, beyond all flaws, beyond all greatness, beyond appreciation. They just stick to the good side of the relationship, the happy days. Days when all they do is give out love and feel that the revolution of earth and destiny has been given to them. It’s healthy to live out these kinds of days. It’s comfortable to the soul.

But summon up the fact that not all days will be like this. Keep in mind that problems will be faced. Obstacles come. Expect bumps, and this will greatly test your relationship with the person who’s good for your soul during your happy days. But remember this – it is not the reason of letting go. Say it again, keep it in mind, repeat till understood – it is not the reason of letting go. Understand as I quote a famous internet phrase – “the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude towards the problem”. This basically explains it all.

What should you do? Carry the burden together, share your shoulder, lift the problem together. Put up a fucking fight for what you love. But they don’t; and this is the cancer of modern relationships. People look at you like you can be seen in other people. People don’t value your image enough. Try to imagine a happy day with this person in your past, and you feel them set a fire in your heart, and it’s good for the soul, but you don’t realize that you don’t have twice the soul to be able to feel the same emotion from another person. You don’t throw out love like it’s some disposable thing you can find again. To be modernly speaking, you don’t throw out the image of a person because you think that you will find it in your hundreds of followers.

Prevent these kinds of problem. Set an image. Don’t be a mainstream. Don’t be an image of the generic guys living in the streets of the social flow. Be unique, identify the difference, be the difference. Make sure that you find time to value the people, know them, familiarize them, be them. Make sure that when they look at your eyes, you’ll know that you’re something for them. Make sure that they don’t see the same eyes in other people, even if it’s damaged, even if it’s flawed. Find the beauty in everything you see in them, take great time to tame them, and appreciate their uniqueness. Make sure that when you look at their eyes, you don’t see that beauty in other’s eyes.

You will learn that not all people are the same, and that not all people are replaceable. Leave this kind of people and they will eat your thoughts every day, realizing why you left the eyes where you last saw your sunset. Replace this people and you will forever compare them to others; the good they’ve done, the mistakes they’ve fixed, the bearable flaws. You will compare them and you will realize that you miss every little detail of this person, the flip of the hair, the warmth of the back, the sound of a genuine laugh, the pace of her heartbeat, or even the way he lights his cigarette. That’s why you value them, understand them, take care of them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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