If You Were To Commit A Crime Needed A Plan To Run Away From The Police, Keep These 9 Things In Mind

image - Flickr / Eva the Weaver
image – Flickr / Eva the Weaver

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What would be the best way to avoid detection by the police? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

I have this fantasy about leading a life of crime, and I happen to know exactly how to do this.

  1. It starts with after your crime. make a decision. if you don’t want to keep hiding until the statute of limitations runs out (whatever that is) its really better to give yourself up now, before you’re forced to commit more crimes and make it worse.
  2. Don’t panic, calm yourself and think things out before you do them. A common mistake by most criminals is that they panic and make irrational or poorly thought out decisions.
  3. You analyze the situation and alter the crime scene to mislead investigators. there are many different kinds of crimes, pick one that is most unlike you and stage the whole thing.
  4. Keep a low profile. avoid public places and dispose of evidence immediately. if you see a cop act normal.
  5. Do not go home, to a friends or relatives. Assume the police knows everything about you that you’ve ever shared to anyone.
  6. If you must use credit cards or your bank account, do it in a way that misleads the police.
  7. If you have the skills you can stage another crime to draw investigators away or mislead them. Major incidents can draw attention away from your crime for days or weeks. There is more risk but if it works there’s plenty of time to get away.
  8. Trust no one, dispose of anyone who threatens your freedom.
  9. Drop off the face of the planet. stage your own death in a freak accident if you can.

The other way is actually very counterintuitive. I haven’t seen very much of this, since there’s been half a dozen people in the last two hundred years that’s pulled it off.

It’s the opposite. You lead a very high profile and if done correctly you can walk into a police station, really confess and they’ll kick you out for making sick jokes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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