This Is What Guy Friends Are For

Jordan McQueen

Being the only girl in the circle is never going to be easy especially if you don’t seem to dress as one-of-the-boys. There will always be misjudgments and prejudices. Having guy friends is far from having a slumber party with your girlfriends.

There is a different definition of happiness when you are with them.
It’s true when they say hanging out with boys is better because it has less drama but it’s more than that. It’s not about who is convenient to be with but who is literally there for you when you need them. Growing up, it’s more of older brothers taking care of their little princess.

Your guy friends will always be your protectors.
Your safety is of utmost importance. Being an only child, having them means the world to you. They are family. They will always be your on-call friends. May it be when you need a ride home or you need to grab pizza or you just want to free your mind.

Your guy friends will have the most respect to you
. They are the ones who courageously stand-up and defend you from people who think you are a flirt by hanging out with them. They will never judge you. They will never talk behind your back. They may treat you as one of them but deep down, they value you as a lady that you are. They know your limitations when it comes to you.

They show you how you deserve to be treated and loved
, when the time comes that you have your own partner. Because of them, you learn how men think. They are the ones who tell you that the guy you’re dating is a jerk. They are the ones who will definitely have your back. They are always ready if someone dares to hurt you.

By the time they get their own girlfriends, it’s tougher.
Things are most likely to change. Sacrifices must be made to avoid anyone getting jealous. Who’s to blame? It’s human nature. What’s sad is that even though you’re not doing anything to them, they will always have trust issues. You can’t blame them, you know how it feels, you’re a lady, too.

You want to talk to their partners and tell them to stop thinking that this is a competition because you’re always on their side. You scold them when they are being assholes because you don’t want any girl crying for you know how it hurts. You let the guys know their side. You are the one who tells them how to win their heart. You just want what’s best for them.

No matter what life throws at you, you can never thank the men who put actions to words “I got you” enough for words cannot describe how grateful you are to have them in your life. The best guy friends are rare and irreplaceable. They will always be the ones worth keeping so never lose them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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