Remember That The One That Got Away Isn’t ‘The One’

Ethan Robertson

It’s been years since I’ve last seen the boy I’ve always considered “the one that got away”, but I still think about him. I still compare how I feel for people that I meet today to how I felt for him.

And truth be told, no one has ever even come close.

The regret of letting him go used to weigh heavy on my mind constantly, but I realized something the other day. The boy that I knew all those years ago, is more than likely not the same boy today, and I would be crazy to miss someone that I don’t know anymore.

Truth be told, the one that got away is the one that got away because they’re not “the one”.

It’s silly to mourn a relationship that could have been, when you don’t know for certain that it actually would have been if it never ended. Comparing any past relationship to potential new relationships is a recipe for self- sabotage.

Every relationship is different, and every relationship is going to make you feel differently. Although I strongly believe that a person can fall in love multiple times in a lifetime, you’re never going to find a carbon copy of a feeling you had in relationship A, in relationship B (or C,D,E,F etc.) and I don’t know if I would want to if I could.

So while the one that got away can hold a special place in your heart, don’t allow it to be greedy with space. Let yourself let go of the regret and be ready for something beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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