To The Man Who Taught Me How To Feel Again: Maybe Our Timing Is Just Right

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Maybe my role in your life isn’t permanent.

Maybe our feelings won’t last forever.

Maybe we are just two people meant to cross paths in a magical exchange.

If timing in life is that ironic, would we still feel as deeply as we do? Would we continue to hold on to each other even when we second guess our future together?

If I knew that my love is what you needed for now, notΒ forever, would I still love you so unselfishly? I like to think, β€˜Yes, yes, I would…’

But I know our connection is so far beyond such pointless, trivial questions that I’ve stopped this reel of overthinking from continuously running in my idle mind. I have succumbed to the fact that analyzing every little thing only hurts us.

It is similar to asking someone, β€œIf you knew you were going to die next week, would you live more? Love stronger? Be bolder?” Typically, the answer is, β€˜Yes’.

It is for this reason that I no longer ask myself rhetoric such as this because even though rhetorical questions prompt deep thoughts and fuel emotional responses, we only know our true feelings when we ask ourselves in secret; amid our most desolate times.

You told me that I am important in your life; yet, you’re unsure why.

You told me I am more important to you than you ever thought I would be.

You told me that you still don’t know why, but I am meant to be in your life.

I didn’t say anything because I, myself, have pondered this same thing for months now as the 10-year timeline of your existence in my life continues to remain unexplainable.

The only reasoning and logic that IΒ can come up with is that you were meant to enrich my life and teach me how to feel again.Β TC mark


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