7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Caring About What The World Thinks Of Your Life

Omar Lopez

1. You start taking more risks

You can now take up that job that wasn’t the safest option or move to a new place that gives you no guarantee for a return on investment or date a guy who isn’t suitable for you on paper because any failure here is only limited to you and you no longer care about the gossip or the eye rolling you may get if your decisions go wrong.

2. Love is not as scary anymore

If you’ve reached this stage of your life then you’ve probably had your share of heartbreak and didn’t always handle them in the best manner possible but the thing is that you know you survived. And now you are so comfortable with being by yourself and so confident about who you are that you know if something doesn’t work out, you’ll be okay yourself.

3. Your people are truly your people

Since you don’t find the need to impress everyone you meet or in fit in everywhere you go anymore, the people you do let in and cherish are likely to be true cheerleaders in your life and worth holding close. You most likely don’t have to deal with too many fakes.

4. You stop feeling pressure

Since people’s opinions are so strongly blocked out, you can now live your life by your timelines. You don’t feel the pressure to get married by a certain age or be ‘successful’ by a certain age because society no longer has a say in how who you should be living your life.

5. Fear starts fading away

If you’re now in this zone, you have probably overcome situations that once left you fearful. Now you can wear what you want because you’re not scared of the opinion people will make of you from that. You can say what you want and not be afraid of the impression you’re leaving. You can simply be yourself without fear. You aren’t afraid of making the first move with a crush or asking your boss for a raise. Well, you’re nervous of course, but not afraid anymore.

6. People can no longer hold your flaws against you

You begin to own yourself and your brand like you never have before. You aren’t oblivious to your flaws but you wear them like armour. You are at peace with how you look and what you want to improve you act on by choice but people’s comments on your weight or hair or skin can no longer touch you like they did before. Your choices are yours and you take onus for them and thus no one can make you feel bad about any of them ever again. You learn to laugh at yourself and to do that with immense class.

7. You stop settling.

You know what you’re worth and you’re willing to wait it out. You now happily wait for the right person or the right opportunity to come along instead of investing in just anyone or anything. You no longer settle only to settle down.

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