We Are Vast

Cristian Newman / Unsplash

We are vast. We are a dark sky brought to life at the break of dawn. Nothing led us here. There was no Helios to guide us through the sky. There were just your eyes, brighter than the sun, leading me to your side. There was just us dancing past the horizon line. We are the green flash, and I see that light captured in your eyes. It burns like a million pyres of every lover that came before.

We are vast. We are an immeasurable boundless ocean. Unyielding, relentless passion, our waves crashing against the shores of everything and everyone that came before. Their pain remains here, sunk deep below, where nobody can go.

Except you. 

You lifted my anchors sunken below the seas. You washed your warmth all over me, holding me gently and crushing every insecurity. You lit my wooden heart on fire, just to make sure I’d have a light to guide myself home. Would you come with me? I want to crash into you with the moon as it fades back into the light of another late night. Let the tides of time take us together. I just want to crash into you.

We are vast. We are the infinitesimal blood cells racing through vessels straight to my heart, carrying the same air that you’re taking, but all I want is to be breathing you in. Dragging you into my lungs, and exhaling you into my bones, as though you can replace the marrow of my very soul. I know you can, you already are. These soft words flow from my lips chasing after the feeling of your fingertips on my skin again. To feel your eyes sear their spot in my heart.

We are vast, but mortality is our enemy. There is so much to be done, so many things that we will go through yet, and there’s not enough time to figure out when we might stop. But the sand slides through the glass. The gears grind, click, and swoon. The sun rises again and dies again each day. Time is the machine that is keeping us apart.

But if time is a line, then why do clocks spin in circles? I want to grind those moments back. Capture them like a camera, but with an exposure set for a lifetime. Our love is blurry to me, I try to measure it in heartbeats, but it races so fast when I see you that I wouldn’t dare try to keep track.

But maybe together we can. TC mark


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