Don’t Text Me Good Morning

I’ve been hurt before and all of you can say that you have been as well. The thing is, pain is inevitable when it comes to living. Actually, I think pain is needed to know that you’re really alive.

It’s somehow a wake-up call reminding you that you have all the control to choose people or things and un-choose them when you are no longer happy.

Happiness is not something the universe gives us, it is something we give ourselves according to what we think we deserve. We keep making all the bad decisions thinking we aren’t worth the greatest things in life and never thinking how special we actually are.

We are always, always torturing ourselves. Always crying, never laughing. Always thinking, never resting. Always looking, never seeing. Always listening, never hearing. Always feeling, never judging.

And yet, people will still use this to their advantage.

People will always find a way to let you down.

It will start with a simple ‘Good Morning.’ It always does. The story goes on and the ending is you crying on your bed, your bedroom door locked and your voice kept in silence so nobody will hear. The tears can’t stop. They never listen.

Avoid this. Avoid the torture. Instead, tell them:

“Don’t text me good morning if you’re not willing to stay the night, let alone stay for the rest of your life.”

You see? It’s that simple. It’s that easy to choose something and un-choose them when they can’t be there for you when your whole world is falling apart. It’s that easy to prove to them that you are worth more than a good morning text, a treat for lunch or a date at 7 p.m.

It’s that easy to choose yourself.

You can’t bring back what happened before you got hurt, but you can do something to avoid it from happening again. TC mark


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