What Does Love Actually Mean?

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They said love at a young age is temporary.

They said first loves aren’t meant to last forever.

They said it was just too hard for two people to maintain their relationship when they are still in the process of growing into the person they’re meant to be.

They said finding love is hard when you are rich and when you are poor. Either they’ll use you or drain you.

They said long-distance love gets disconnected through time.

They said love has to hurt in order for it to last.

Was it really that hard to love someone? They said love should stay no matter how hard the situation gets.

Let’s say love left and then you meet them again and nothing has changed at all?

Is it counted as first love never dies? Can I finally say that there are things that are temporary for a while and then it comes back older and more mature to stay permanently?

That’s when I realized that every person has their own idea and definition of love.

For a child, love is someone who feeds and plays with them when everyone’s away.

For a parent, love is when their children respect and adore them.

For a depressed person, love is someone who makes winter feel like summer.

For a happy person, love is someone who can go on a roller coaster ride with them and not get mad for facing their greatest fear.

For a man, love is someone who sleeps and stays with him through ups and downs.

And for a woman, love is someone who accepts her no matter how imperfect she looks in the morning.

Love is everything you need it to be.

It doesn’t really matter what, why, when or how they are going to come in your life.

They will just do.

For some people, love comes at the right place and at the right time.

For some, love is that luxury they will try so hard to afford to give themselves every day and I couldn’t agree more.

It doesn’t really matter what they say about love but one thing is for sure, love is not perfect.

It’s all about one’s perspective to define what love for them is.

For me, this is my kind of love.

Love is someone who reminds you who you are in this world full of distractions. Love will never ask nor force you to change.

Love will leave and will come back with food and tampons and chocolates.

Love will be there no matter how bloody hard it is to make you stand up on a Sunday morning.

Love will be patient with you because he knows that you are worth it.

Love will be your daily reminder that you are beautiful despite your stretch marks, your scars, and your freckles.

‘You are beautiful’ again and again because you are.

What is your definition of love? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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