Forgive Your Soul For Being Tired

woman looking tired in bedroom

There are times when we can’t seem to understand what the universe has in store for us.

Sometimes life feels like a never-ending maze but most of the time it just feels like we’re being played by invisible hands.

It leads where nothing is left or where nothing is right.

Sometimes you feel like you are just lost and alone on an island and you keep on asking for help but nobody can hear; nobody dares to listen. Maybe because they are too afraid to be stuck with someone who is as lost as they are or they are just too afraid to be with a wonderful person who is too sad in a beautiful place.

Please forgive your soul for being tired; forgive it for still believing that somewhere inside everyone has a good heart too afraid to let anyone in.

People are not ugly; it is the world that molded them to be who they are now. The world made them suffer just like what it did to you.

So, forgive people too. Forgive them for not seeing the potential that you have.

We all have stories inside us and if you only had the courage to tell everyone then the whole world will be on their knees right at this moment.

You are so much more than their apologies, their criticisms, and their broken promises.

You always deserved more.

You’re not too much of anything to make something happen for yourself.

You may be strange. You may be crazy but you gave your best. You didn’t only survive but you lived.

You have lived through it and you should be proud.

You are only tired now but it doesn’t take that much effort to rest.

Close your eyes from everything that hurts. Close your ears from all the cruel words.

Your soul is as beautiful as you are the day you were born.

Remember the first kiss you had, remember the first time you learned how to pray, remember how the wind touched your face when you were on a rooftop in a place you never thought you’d feel safe in and everything was okay. Remember all the good times you had and go on.

You have the power to forgive.

You have the power to live.

Use it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

You are me and I am you.

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