How To Love The Girl Who Puts Everything On Her Own Shoulders

How To The Love the Girl who puts everything on her own shoulders
Cristian Newman

Have you ever met a person who says “I’m sorry” too much? Who says sorry whenever you say something that is contradicting her opinion or when you bumped her accidently, even when it’s far from her fault. Have you ever met someone willing to shoulder every mistake in the world? Someone who says sorry for her flaws. How can it be someone’s fault when she’s not perfect, right? It may sound irritating but her heart, oh her heart, is as soft as marshmallows not because she is shallow but because she knows what it feels like to be wronged.

She knows what it feels like to be hurt without hearing a single apology, just because she didn’t ask for it. She knows what it feels like to be undeserving of an explanation as to why she’s been hurt. In the end, she blamed herself. Please listen to her heart instead of every apology you hear coming out of her mouth. Listen closely.

Forgive her

Forgive her for blaming herself because she couldn’t blame anyone else. Forgive her for saying sorry so much. Forgive her if she’s not expecting for the best things in life anymore because she knows how horrible the people in this world are, and she’s sorry about it.

Do not make her feel like everything’s her fault

Stop making her feel like she can’t do anything right. She may not show it but inside she’s dying. She feels worthless so stop pointing everything out.

Understand that she needs to be forgiven

Understand her. If you really love her, you will. Again and again, no matter how hard the situation is. Do not leave just because she cries, just because she shoulders every fault. And please do not take advantage of her soft heart.

Keep reminding her that it’s not her fault

Be her strength. Be her walls, protect her when she’s been hurt and remind her that it’s not her fault. She shuts down so please take care of her, whisper it to her ear then shout it out in the world.

Love her unconditionally

Need I say more? Love her, if you do show her, tell her. Make her feel loved and make her feel like this time it is not her fault that she chose you. That this time she might actually have a chance to hear an apology from someone she cares about. Love her unconditionally, like how she loves you and more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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