A Letter To The Person With A Wandering Soul

Home doesn’t actually feel like a place, does it? Perhaps you are young. You may be thinking of picking up and starting over, running with your thoughts and thinking that you’ll be happier elsewhere. You thrive on adventure and that feeling that nothing can stop you. You want to travel and explore the coast, watch the sun rise in the east and set in the west, hike the mountains, jump out of a plane, swim in the sea, explore the valleys, and do everything in between, from visiting a small coffee shop to a cobblestone street in the middle of a bustling city.

You want something out of life, something fulfilling, something that makes your heart race, almost like a first date with your crush that makes your skin tingle with happiness. You may have found that no matter where you go, you cannot be planted. Maybe you start over completely. It’s a brand new city, a new state this time. You’re not sure what you are actually chasing, just to find yourself wanting something more again six months later that you cannot explain. You have lived and have seen this new place, but now a new thrill is calling your name. You are never home, because home is not a place, it’s just a feeling.

You have a wandering soul. See, a wandering soul isn’t any ordinary soul. They see life for what it is and that they were put on this planet to fulfill their greatest potential. A wandering soul cannot be tamed, nor can it be put in a place for too long.

Your biggest fear is getting caught up in mundanity. You have a fear of being stuck in a career that you didn’t necessarily want; you picked it because society was telling you that you were undecided for too long, or the college advisor made you take a career test for a shitty generic major you probably won’t be able to get a job in unless you have 10 years of experience. A job, bills, marriage, kids. You are scared of being placed in a box. A check box of routine. Like a ticking time bomb.

It’s okay to not settle. It’s okay that we want to travel to a new place and that maybe others don’t feel the way we do or see the world in such a complex way. Why are we here? How did we get here? What are we doing? What if we don’t know what we want? What if all we know is we just want to experience everything as it is, actually living life and forgetting that our fears exist.

Accept the fact that everything that is in your life is there because you attracted it with your own thoughts. Embrace your wandering soul. Wander without purpose or reason. Wander because it makes you contemplate life. Wander because you want to feel present, to feel everything so deeply in this exact moment without feeling anything from the past and no thoughts of the future. Here and now.

See things for what they are and see that wandering souls cannot be planted. Your wandering soul doesn’t just want to exist, it just wants to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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