Why You’re Scared And Why You Shouldn’t Fight It

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Let me tell you why you’re living in fear and why it’s a great thing. We are human beings. We are all intelligent creatures that live in a world where challenges are inescapable, and that’s fine.

One, the fear you feel is anxiety, which is something you experience when you don’t have the answer that you want to whatever it is you’re struggling with. Well of course you don’t. Life isn’t just laid out on a pretty, little numbered sheet for everyone to live. That’s just not the way it works. And who wants that constricting, cookie-cutter kind of lifestyle anyhow?

Or, there’s also the possibility that you live in fear, because you’ve felt fear. And that’s okay, too. Everyone has a story, a uniquely arranged test, if you will. We all live with a specific set of circumstances, which simply allows us to stand out from the rest of the seemingly normal onlookers. So when you think “test”, you should immediately think “problem-solving”. Because that’s all it really is. You just have to solve this one problem we happen to call fear.

Sure, it may seem daunting and soul-shattering, but it’s just an illusion, you see. You’ve got to be a fighter and have the mentality to stand up for the most important thing in your life, and that is you. What this thing called fear is teaching you, is how to muster your cahones and discover another thing we call upon to combat this fear; it’s called courage.

You should never fight your fear by succumbing to it, no. That’s not fighting. That’s just losing. Because how crazy does it sound, when you realize that the only thing you’ve got holding you back from living your best life, is yourself…?

But we’re all human. You know, it’s okay to be scared. You can be scared shitless. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be brave. In fact, do the scary things and take those risks. Be the person who won’t ever have to look back and ask, “What if?”. Be the person who inspires the people who are afraid, to reclaim their strengths in everything, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Show them how to be proud of it all, because it’s theirs.

You know that fear inside of you? That little shred of doubt that’s holding you back from doing something you know you have the ability to do? I promise you, it’s all in taking that first step to do the thing that scares you the most. And once you do it, you’ll feel this rush of liberation that you’ve never felt before, and it’s overwhelmingly addicting. You’ll realize from that moment on, you’re never going to stop telling your fear to bring it fucking on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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