This is Why You're Chasing After The Wrong Person

This is Why You’re Chasing After The Wrong Person

He, she, loves me, or loves me not… Who knows, right? And here we are, always left wondering and hoping for a kind of love story we find in books, movies and old time romances.

But if that’s our only motivation, are we really free to love? Think about it. To define the romance we all desire based off the things we’ve all seen or think we know to be true, what room is left for discovery then? How is it possible to write our own stories?

What we’re doing is forgetting that that kind of love, much like fantasy, fiction and drama, is just a story. And this isn’t meant to be bleak and feel hopeless in any way, shape or form. We don’t realize that we’re left to heartbreak and feeling hopeless, because of our own expectations for how love is directed in our lives. We all think it’s supposed to look a certain way. And when we don’t receive it, it can feel like our entire world is crumbling down on us.

But, let’s forget that kind of narrow thinking. You’ve got to open your heart. And really, when I say to trust me, I mean it, because this kind of thinking can really change your life in all aspects. This is the expanded version of our daily reminder, “Let go”. This is why we really need to set ourselves free. Because living lovesick and brokenhearted can be trendy and addicting. So much so, that you won’t even realize the chains it’s latched onto your ankles, keeping you from elevating your mind.

At this point, you’ve got to realize what you’re capable of doing. You’ve got to know you have the key and you know exactly how to use it. Use that logic and a bit of your imagination to envision a whole new world for yourself, for brighter days and things to look forward to in love. Abandon your traditional views, and jump onto that higher platform.

Times are moving on as well, and you don’t want to miss it do you? It’s time for new traditions and ways of thinking. And that requires you to be free to chase after a love that circles around you. Society has changed and everyone, even their ideas, have transformed their fluidity.

So stop chasing after the wrong person, and chase after yourself and the person you can become. Don’t give someone else the privilege of being the reason you can finally fly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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