Newsflash: You Can Be Lost At 25 And Still Be Okay

Terrifying, isn’t it, how it seems like every ‘yes’ or ‘no’ could make or break you? They say at 25 you have to be grown up, make the right decisions and have it all figured out. Instead here you are, book in one hand, teacup in the other, trying to look calm in spite of your chaos.

You made choices you wish you hadn’t. Your plans aren’t working out the way your head says they should. Maybe what you’re doing right now isn’t the fire that your soul’s screaming for. Maybe who you’re with at this point isn’t the person you picture spending the rest of your life with. Maybe you’re single or jobless.

You feel stuck and uncertain. Being 25 isn’t just about sipping cocktails and wearing smart suits after all. At night, you still hide in the shadow of ellipsis and question marks while dressed in your tattered PJs.

You feel like your worries are insignificant compared to the problems the world is dealing with. You feel small and unworthy to be heard. You desire to light someone’s path but you’re lost in your own track. You feel more lost now than ever.

But you know what?

It’s okay.

You can still cry. It doesn’t make you weak – it makes you human. You, at any age, can get hurt. You, at any age, can have unanswered questions. You don’t have to be tough all the time. You can still have insecurities you’re struggling with. You can still have dreams that sometimes turn into frustrations. You don’t have to do things right at first attempt. You can make mistakes.

You can be a mess and still beautiful. You can be clueless and still wonderfully sensible. You are infinitely trying, growing and learning – that’s what keeps you on edge. Embrace that process that you will go through from time to time.

How many nights have you spent sleepless because your mind never stops blaring about doing something beyond yourself? You listen to your heartbeat and you know this isn’t all there is. You have so much more to offer. You have a purpose to fulfill and you are fully equipped to make it happen in time.

It doesn’t matter how inexperienced you think you are or how flawed you are – you’re existence matters. You’re part of the constellation that makes up the universe. You have a place in this world, you with all your imperfections. You are included in God’s plans.

You have to understand though, that everything has its unique clock and it isn’t entirely up to you to manipulate. And that is great because it is on the same perfect hands that created you. Do what you have to with the circumstances you can control and submit everything else to Him.

You and I are blindfolded. We’ll never fully know where we’re heading and when we’ll get there. Some questions will remain unknown. Some tears will leave stains. But at the end of the day, we can rest with one beautiful truth: “He who promised is faithful” –Hebrews 10:23. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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