I Will Always Choose You

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Our relationship will never be as exciting as it is now.

Our sweetness will fade

Our attachment will be forgotten

Our text messages will not be delivered

There will be nights where I’ll choose to just wrap myself with a blanket,

Instead of sleeping with your arms around me

There will be nights when I’ll just choose to order take outs, rather than cooking your favorite meal.

I might even forget about our anniversary, forget a date you’ve been planning for weeks.

Sleep through your favorite and even forget what your favorite color is

I won’t pick you up from work like I used to before, I’d just ask you to text me the plate number of the cab you are riding.

I won’t sing to you your favorite songs anymore, I might even forget all of them.

There will be times when I will choose to go out with my friends,

Instead of spending another movie night with you.

I might even fall asleep while you’re out and not mind waiting up for you.

I won’t be craving for you as I did before, Sex will feel more like a chore.

I’d even be too tired to cuddle, so I’d let you off with a pillow between us instead.

We won’t be excited about date nights anymore, as though preparing for a date is such a pain.

Movie dates will not be as big of a deal as it was before, we’d rather wait for the movie to be releases online

But no matter how laid back our relationship gets

No matter how routinary our days will be

I will always choose to stay with you

Always choose to go home to you

No matter how many fights we get into

How many nights we sleep apart

I will always dream of waking up next to you

And seeing you beside me for the rest of our lives

I will always choose to love you even if we feel like we’re falling apart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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