A Letter To The Girl I Never Had A Chance With

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I know we both liked each other at some point, I’m just not sure what happened. I know I was crazy over you but didn’t do anything about it. I would watch how you gracefully walk in our school’s corridor then,

And admired how you beautifully carry yourself.

I’d always get excited when there were scheduled activities back in high school because I know you’ll be part of it in one way or another.

Oh, did I mention how much I’m amazed at how talented you are?

Man…you got my heart in your hand.

Years passed, we both went off to different universities.. but we never lost communication. We’d exchange messages from time to time, asking how each other has been.

We kept in touch.

Then there was this one day, a friend mentioned that you were already in a relationship.

My heart literally sank and I thought to myself “Why didn’t I just make an effort to get her? Maybe, just maybe I still had a chance”

And as I was thinking of how we got here, being just friends after all these years..

I found my answer: I knew I am never good enough for you.

Then as I thought about things deeper, I had this one major realization:

I never worked to be good enough for you, that’s why I was always hesitating to tell you how I really feel about you.

As my letter is nearing its end.. I just want to let you know one thing: I still like you.

I’d still go running after you, chasing each smile you make and all the conversations we could potentially have.

And as the ink of my pen fades, I am pretty sure your used to be feelings for me is fading faster.

So long and maybe in another time, we’ll find our chance. Until then, I’ll just admire you as your friend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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