Love Someone Who Follows Their Heart

Love someone who opens her heart to you and is not scared to be vulnerable around you. She lets you know when she’s upset, she cries, gets disappointed and gets angry at you. Her eyes reflect her soul as the moon reflects the sun’s light. She is genuine with you and communicates her feelings. This means you are important to her and she wants to work things out with you. Keep your patience, she is worth it.

Love someone who chooses you over her pride. A person’s pride is like her force field protecting her from feeling worthless and unwanted. If she puts her guard down for you and is not afraid to apologize, take care of her. She might be your chance at forever.

Love someone who never lets you sleep feeling unwanted. Even if you’re both upset, haven’t talked for the whole day, she still checks on you before you guys go to sleep. This is a subtle way of telling you that you should make up before going to sleep. Never ignore her efforts to reach out, means she wants you to stay.

Love someone who sees the good in you even though you know you’re a wreck. Someone who is truly in love with you will see through your imperfections and your weaknesses. She will encourage you to stand up and be a better person, she will give you the assurance of having someone who believes in you. She’s a keeper.

Love someone who is not afraid to love you with all their hearts and call you out on your mistakes when needed. She is concerned with you, plain and simple. Just raw, genuine feelings. No drama, no non-sense. That’s the kind of relationship you want to get in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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