15 Personal Notes I Wish I Could Stuff Into Fortune Cookies

Flickr / Katie Sayer
Flickr / Katie Sayer


Make commitments to set realistic goals for yourself. Perfectionism may impress in the short term, though aches of stress and burnout sometimes linger.


You are your own person. Not a stereotype, a stock character, nor a misinformed expectation.


Living in the present tastes sweeter than dwelling on the past. Planning ahead is prudent, but with moderation and ample latitude for the unexpected.


Even simple things lend inspiration to create diverse flavors. After all, thoughts, and life itself, are sustained by water.


Pretending encourages mastery. Sometimes, we bake our first cake only after babysitting a girl with an Easy-Bake Oven.


Erasing certain people is easy. The challenge lies in walking past their mean graffiti with a smile on your face.


Take any unsolicited advice tossed your way. You don’t have to react to it or show a flourish of gratitude if a stranger takes time to pontificate.


Embrace your individuality. Phonetically, the word “flock” is rather beautiful. However, “sheep” are animals that independent beings should never wish to be compared to.


You can’t live your life afraid of running into people you don’t like. Either move away from your small town, or get it over with and buy those damn groceries.


Find adventure in your spam box. Imagine what it would be like to meet “Clairvoyant Ron.”


Remember the times when you felt most angry and acted on an impulse. Ask yourself if the ending result was happy.


Staying at a job you’re not made for is not worth the damage stress inflicts on your health. Sometimes, walking away is smart and actually courageous.


Keep your eye on productivity. While occupied, you’ll find it easier to stay out of trouble.


Comparing yourself to others is like pointing out the differences in identical twins’ fingerprints with your naked eye. It is tedious and will further distress you. Stop.


Accept that accidents will happen. The bad ones toughen skin like guitar strings sculpt calluses. The good ones are like dandelion thistles traveling through the wind, landing in wide meadows ripe with adventure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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