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Maybe We’re Not Meant To Stay In One Place

Five years ago, I arrived in London with a suitcase and a bruised heart. There was nothing particular about London that attracted me here: no Big Ben, no Buckingham palace, not its queen.

But I felt with all my heart that I’d been called to come here despite the unknown logical reasons. I choose not to question the Universe and trust that my intuition knows more than I ever could.

Five years later, here I am again, leaving because something else is calling my heart. That something is still a mystery wrapped in excitement and possibility of what’s yet to come.

My heart is nervously beating because I’m moving again. The funny part is that I just wrote a book about how stepping into my zone of discomfort as often as possible is why I lead the most truthful and authentic life.

And while I’ve done it so many times in the past, it doesn’t get easier. Because now, for the first time in my life, I’ve planted my roots. I domesticated. I’ve acquired furniture and given life to babies. It is no longer me, my thoughts, and a suitcase.

It’s a whole more of us with our own dreams and destinies on the line, which is why it feels so much harder. While, of course, I’m excited about new beginnings—I always am. I’m also sad about what I’m leaving behind because I’m human—vulnerable and sensitive, just like the rest of us.

I don’t seem to end a chapter of my life with a baby’s birth or moving houses. I do mark my life’s chapters with moving countries. Those are my seasons. Those are my endings and beginnings.

Because as one season ends, the next immediately begins. I do not know what to expect, but there is this familiar feeling impatiently calling and pulling a rag underneath my feet, telling me it’s time to go. But above all, it’s my mind, soul, and heart unitedly voting for me to let go. Let go of everything that no longer serves me.

Because I no longer want the same things. I now want greater things. I’ve become a giver, no longer taker.

A giver is responsible for the energy she brings to the world. She can’t give if her energy jar is empty or flooded with old ideas, behaviors, ways of life, and outdated beliefs that drag her down.

On the contrary, her energy jar must be filled with light and love so she can bring more of this into the world. This world is thirsty for love, and it’s our responsibility to give more of it.

To give, we have to have the capacity to receive. To receive, we need to swirl freely in a flow of life. And we can’t be in a flow of life if we are struggling, fighting, resisting life to flood through us. We need to trust life’s divine guidance wherever it may bring us. We need to begin listening carefully to what our heart is trying to say. Because it’s always saying something—it’s always telling what needs to be done. It suffers when we’re trying hard to cling onto the wrong things. Perhaps those things aren’t ours to keep because it shouldn’t be a struggle to keep if they were.

Living for over 30 years on this planet, I’ve learned something. Change is inevitable if living is what we’re after, not purely existing in a warm cocoon-like climate.

Change comes into our lives with a never-ending invitation to transform everything on its way, including you. It is reminding that there is a deadline, after all, almost to everything. It is flashing out everything that you no longer need. All you can do is trust the process and believe that it’s guiding you towards the exact place you’re meant to be at.

Because the future is always calling, whether you’re ready or not.

We change, mature, and evolve, which is why we shouldn’t be afraid of change and transformation because every now and then, there is a unique path being forged to be walked by no one but you.

When we trust our hearts, we receive cosmic, divine, bountiful energy to start new things. We are fuelled with purpose. We are truly in the moment. And as we do that, we sync back with nature’s natural rhythms and connect to life’s heartbeat. And just like that, we step into the flow of life. There we are unstoppable.

While reliving all the emotions when faced with change, I’m also feeling peaceful because I’m at home in my mind, body, and soul. And when you have that– you’ll never be lost, wherever life may bring you.

I’m ready to step into a new green path that is larger, deeper, and more connected to the larger whole. I trust what’s to come is greater than me; therefore, I’m pulled to leave the life I built.

So while I’m sipping my last cup of tea and munching on a biscuit in England, I surrender. I accept and welcome the change with open arms because I know it so intimately, after all.

I greet it with a smile and a full heart. Bye, London—for now. Ciao, Italy.

Jay Shetty Certified LIFE & PURPOSE Coach 💥

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