4 Ways To Stay Positive

1. You Do You

No one in this world is quite like you. You are unique. Each of us has a combination of gifts within that we can call our own. Mr. Rogers really knew what he was talking about. Comparing yourself to others in a negative light does nothing for you. Thinking you’re better than others doesn’t really help you much either in the long run. Just be you. Do your thing. Happiness and contentment will flow from that.

2. Surround Yourself with Support

Positivity flourishes when you’re around those who yearn to foster it within you. Choose friends who validate you and genuinely care about your well-being. Toxic friendships are a catalyst for negativity. Drop them immediately or as quickly as you can. For “where you invest your love, you invest your life” (Mumford & Sons knows where it’s at). Invest your love in positive relationships that lift you up.

3. Affirm Thyself

Your thoughts are the very foundation upon which you live. So often our negativity stems from our thought process. When we pick up on this, we then have the power to change our negative thoughts into positive ones. The key is affirmation. Affirm yourself each and every day – “I am special.” “I am beautiful.” “I am enough, just as I am.” “I did my best today, and that is all I can do.” Tell yourself these things, even if you don’t believe they are true statements, for you’ll come to find that soon enough, you begin to see their truth.

4. Accept the Sad Moments

Counterintuitive, right? Well, not really. The world pressures us to be happy, to chase our dreams and strive for that life of bliss. When we feel sad, down in the dumps, we can tend to beat ourselves up about it or feel like no one wants/cares to know. Here’s the thing – life is messy. While positivity and overall happiness is something for which to strive, it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Accept your sadness and the pressure melts away. You know it won’t last forever, anyways. TC Mark