The Unedited Truth About Rock Bottom

The truth about rock bottom is sometimes you don’t even know you’re there. Sometimes you think you’ve hit it, and then it gets even worse. Oh, you think. So this is rock bottom. It sinks in. Rock bottom is a hard place that nobody wants to be.

Rock bottom is being at a total crossroads in your life. It’s when you either get tired of your own bullshit, or get tired of dealing with someone else’s. Rock bottom will test your entire life. You will question yourself and everyone around you.

The truth is everyone has his or her own sense of rock bottom. Some of ours are worse than others. But we all have our own personal hell. And when you’re there, you will never want to be there again. You will do everything you can to put it in your past.

Life is but a series of challenges. One bad day after the next sometimes. When you hit rock bottom, you question how or where to go from here. You may think things will never get better.

But, the good thing about rock bottom, is it has to get better. When you’re at your worst, you can only go up. Life is funny that way. You have to reach the lowest point, to come back up. And you will.

Rock bottom isn’t fun. It’s constant anxiety and worry. It’s wondering how you will get through the day. It’s being bombarded with constant thoughts and pressure. It’s just praying that you can complete each task the day gives you. It is painful conversations. It’s sometimes cutting people off.

And it’s all for the best.

The thing about rock bottom is, once you get through it, life is so much better. Once you’re on the other side of it. You just have to get there. But it is a major hurdle. Sometimes rock bottom lasts longer than we would like it to. That’s why coming out of it is so sweet.

Once you’re out, you will look back on that time of your life. You will be proud of yourself and all you went through. The silent battles that not many know about. The persistence you showed. The ability to turn a negative into a positive.

We all hit our rock bottom at some point. It’s up to you to turn it around.

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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