The Worst Part Of Losing You Is Knowing I Can’t Call You Anymore

I wanted to reach out to you today.  I needed someone to talk to. I started planning out what to say. Creating the conversation in my head. Knowing how you would respond. How the conversation would unfold. But then I decided that there was a reason we stopped talking.

I knew you would respond. It’s not in your nature to leave me hanging. You’ve probably been waiting for me to reach out. You would tell me what I needed to hear. You would make me miss you. We would catch up on life and how long it had been. Maybe we could go back to being friends. Maybe things would fall right back into place. How things used to be. And that’s why I didn’t say anything.

I decided to continue on with my day. I kept my feelings to myself. I didn’t reach out to anyone. Because nobody really could respond the way you could. So better to keep quiet and reach out to no one. Nobody truly gets me like you did. Maybe nobody ever will.

That’s a hard truth to swallow.

I think that’s the worst part of it all.

So I won’t swallow my pride. I won’t send you a message.

I will continue on in life knowing there was a reason we ended. Why we stopped talking. Why I lost someone so important in my life. I will continue to go on with you no longer in my world.

Maybe one day we will meet up again. Maybe we could go back to being friends. Maybe it would just be that easy.

Maybe one day the hurt will go away.

I hope that you think more good of me then bad. I hope you wish me the best. Despite everything, I wish the best for you.

I’m proud of myself for not calling you. As hard as it was, I know it’s all for the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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