This One’s For The Liars And Cheaters

This one’s for the liars and cheaters. You’re so good that you believe your own lies most of the time. You have no line drawn between right and wrong. You cross that line daily, going between one and the other. Believing your bullshit. You truly live in a fantasy world, one where one can be a good person but also hurt everyone around them.

This one’s for the liars and cheaters. Who play victim. Who make excuses for what they do. It’s never their fault. Who manipulate everyone around them to get what they want. To make them feel better about themselves. To convince themselves that they aren’t awful people.

The liars and cheaters are all around us. They are charming. Sweet. I mean, they can be great people until you learn what they are actually about.

They don’t take responsibility. It’s never their fault. There was a reason they lied. There was a reason they cheated. They weren’t actually in a relationship. They couldn’t handle the stress. Their work and personal life has been crazy lately. There will always be a reason they did what they did. It will never be their fault.

They feed you bullshit. And sometimes it works. The liars and cheaters are masters at their game. It didn’t happen overnight. They’re all around us. And sometimes we don’t realize it until it’s too late.

To the liars and cheaters: Grow up. Think about your actions. How does one sit with themselves at night knowing the lives they have ruined and the people they have hurt? I ask you that.

I ask how you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you’re about to lie. About to talk your way out of another situation. How does one not feel terrible about themselves knowing the destruction they set in place?

I guess that’s the difference between someone with a big heart and liars and cheaters. When you have a big heart, you empathize. You feel deeply. Liars and cheaters only pretend to. But how can you feel if you continue to lie and cheat? There may be some remorse, but it will never be enough. Because liars and cheaters will continue to do what they do. It has worked for them for so long.

This one’s for the liars and cheaters. Who make their lovers question themselves. Whose actions made someone cry themselves to sleep. Who have someone questioning their worth constantly.

While the liars and cheaters may continue to live their lives, the pain they put in motion continues. I fully believe that karma will always come full force. The world is full of liars and cheaters, but they all have something coming to them. The world works in many ways.

And the liars and cheaters may continue their ways. But one day, maybe far from now, they will pay. They will see all the pain they caused. One doesn’t live so destructively for so long without any reaction.

To the liars and cheaters: Grow up already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Kristin Rattigan

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.