I Hope You Take Care Of Your Heart

I Hope You Take Care Of Your Heart

I hope you take care of your heart. And that you let go of all of the people who play with it. The ones who abuse you. Who abuse your kindness, and mistake it for weakness. I hope you learn your worth.

I hope you take care of you heart. And above all things, you learn to let go. That you continue to allow light into your life. That you make room to love. That you make room for the people who deserve to be in your life. You just might not know them yet.

I hope you don’t let the world make you become jaded. It’s not hard to do in today’s world. With all the people who are reckless with how they treat others. With how they treat you.

You are a diamond. In a world of daisies and cheap silver. You let people in. You love with all you have. And you get taken advantage of for this. You try not to let it break you. But sometimes it does.

You have your days, where you just don’t understand. You don’t understand why you continue to get mistreated. Why it seems like you don’t matter. You wonder when things will get better. Those bad days are the worst. You just question everything.

Just hold on. You are stronger than anyone I know. And above all, you love the most. Your heart hurts, but take care of it. Sometimes happiness is only on the other side of where we are.

If you keep being you, beautiful you, you will make it. Not only will you make it and survive, but also you will thrive. Keep pushing. Keep smiling. Keep being who you are.

All I ask is that you take care of your heart, that beautiful heart of yours.

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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