7 Signs You’re Not Difficult, You’re Just An Alpha Personality

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Some of us march to the beat of our own drum, speak a little louder, and love a little harder. We may be self assured, outgoing, sometimes misunderstood. When you have a strong personality, it’s often love or hate. While some may think you’re difficult, you’re really just an alpha personality.

1. You are strong in your convictions.

Alpha personalities are confident and stick to their guns. Not ones to be quiet on an issue, they let their feelings be known. If they do not agree with something, an alpha personality is going to tell you.

2. You can’t shut your mouth.

Alpha personalities are often the life of the party. They are charismatic and like to be the center of attention, by default. You like to hear your own voice. Own it.

3. Others consider you “a lot”.

You’ve been told you’re a lot to handle. While this may be disconcerting, not everyone is on your level. Alpha personalities can be bossy, domineering, and competitive. Maybe you are A LOT. But a whole lot of greatness!

4. You love and fight hard.

Alpha personalities love and fight harder than most. They aren’t afraid to make a move in their romantic lives, and are used to getting what they want. They also fight to keep what they have. Their strong energies emit around them and are found to be very attractive. Be careful though, alpha personalities have tempers and will fight to the death.

5. You’re a leader by nature.

Self- assured, outgoing, you are the leader of the pack. You don’t need social validation or don’t care to have it. Others are drawn to you, and you don’t mind taking a lead.

6. You love control.

Alpha personalities love control. Being in control of things is just what alpha personalities do. Having control is validating and satisfying to an alpha personality. They crave control, and suffer without it.

7. Others find you to be cold.

Others may not find you to be warm or nurturing. Alpha personalities may project an aura that they are cold and controlling. Being so self-assured may cause you to come off like that. While that may be what others see, that is not the case.

Alpha personalities are strong, willing, and outgoing. They bring fun and joy wherever they go. You don’t want to mess with an alpha personality, though. Alpha personalities do not like to take no for an answer, and don’t easily back down from fights. While alpha personalities may be a lot to handle, they are strong, determined, and loving. While some may think you’re difficult, you will never back down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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