10 Uneasy Signs You’re Actually On The Right Path In Life

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Life rarely ever goes “according to plan.” Our lives sometimes need to be completely rearranged to see what is really important. Growth is tough, but there are several uneasy signs that you are doing JUST FINE.

1. You know defeat.

We all have ups and downs. We can’t always be perfect. Knowing you’re not and acknowledging that is actually important. Someone who knows defeat can appreciate the good times that much more.

2. You no longer see through rose-colored glasses.

You, yes YOU. Sometimes we try to see people for who we want them to be, not who they actually are. It’s only after the fact we realize that maybe things were never quite right. When you take off rose-colored glasses, your life is a whole lot clearer.

3. You don’t care what anyone thinks.

There’s nothing wrong with caring. Being comfortable in your own skin is amazing though, and not caring, is quite freeing. Being your authentic self is the best feeling ever.

4. You feel like you don’t fit in with some of your old friends.

It’s a bittersweet feeling when you realize some of the people you grew up with or have known forever have much less in common with you than they once did. People change, priorities change. Outgrowing people who don’t fit into the bigger picture is okay.

5. You don’t need to be around people all the time

You like your space. You are happy to sit at home alone on a Friday night. While the 20-year-old you may be rolling her eyes, you are okay with it. Sometimes you just have to slow down.

6. You worry.

You worry about your future. You worry about your parents. You worry about anything and everything. But worrying means you care. Worrying about your life isn’t a bad thing. It means you have goals, expectations, and you aren’t apathetic to your life.

7. You’ve loved and lost.

Pain changes us. But what they say is true, when one door closes, another opens. Things happen for a reason. Life goes on. Better things are out there. You are right where you need to be.

8. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

Small, trivial inconveniences in your day don’t bother you like they once did. You look at the bigger picture. Will it matter in a day, week, month, or year? Don’t sweat it.

9. You know how to protect yourself.

Not physically, but literally and figuratively. You don’t commit to things you don’t want to. You know when not to answer that phone call. Sometimes you change your mind, and it’s okay. You know when it’s best to leave a situation. Do what you need to protect yourself and happiness.

10. You have made major changes in your life.

Change is the ultimate test of life. Moving somewhere is scary. Starting a new job is scary. But necessary. If you never change, you never grow. Don’t be that person doing the same thing, ten years from now because you were afraid to step out of your comfort zone. 

Nothing will ruin your life more than thinking you should have it all together already. Sometimes we face bends in the road, but how we react is what’s important. Life isn’t always perfect, but keep going. You’re on the right path. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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